Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Scenes around Hanningfield Reservoir

Hanningfield Reservoir is where we receive our water from
The woods around the reservoir are managed by Essex Wildlife Trust
It is a site of special scientific interest as it is amongst the top places in the country
to watch both woodland and wetland birds
As the weather turned warm and summery yesterday
we decided to have a walk there
Glad we did as today it is heavy rain

As we arrive at the visitor's centre we pass this Wildlife Hotel
in other words, bugs and things

Having drunk our coffee and taken this picture through the observation window
at the visitor's centre we are about to embark on our walk
Do come and join us and see what delights are in store today

Water as far as the eye can see

Bird watching from one of the many hides

The water levels are very high and here we see it spilling over
into the woodlands
Very different to a couple of years ago during our season of drought

Great shadows - are the ducks sitting on the branches

Looking downwards must not miss the delicate White Stitchwort

Black and white
We have arrived at the Fishing Lodge where there is a restaurant
They have a large pre-booked group
We may have to wait a while OR 2 people did not turn up
so if we have what they are eating instead of choosing from the menu
we can eat immediately
We take this option and ate Shepherd's Pie (which is minced Lamb with vegetables topped with creamed potato) accompanied with creamed leeks and celery and carrots.
We pass on the desserts, we are after all walking
but then sat outside with the wildfowl eating ice-cream
Would you believe, these diners were the local retired social group
from the company where Alan worked

no that is not us on the bench
We were feeding ourselves not the birds
We now need to continue our walk

The squirrel turned his back to run away just as I took the picture

Glad we did not need the fire beaters today

The bluebells are out but not fully so it gives a misty effect

Logs set out everywhere in different formations to encourage the wildlife

Colour contrast with the Hornbeams


Elizabeth said...

So lovely.
I have never been there though I grew up near Brentwood.
The blue bells make me misty too.
I would have had a pudding - but them I'm greedy.
Shepherd's pie might fit the bill just about no.
Thanks for the lovely tour.
The resevoirs here are sadly very low indeed.

Elizabeth said...

Gosh what a lot of typos in the comment below.
For no read 'now'
for 'them' read 'then'

DeeDee said...

Barbara...What a beautiful walk with you this morning....The sights were so lovely....Spring has come to all of us it seems. Love the bluebells...My friend Josie..originally from Bedforshire has told me all about your foods...the pie sounds delicious...Such a nice way to start my day....Dee Dee

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It all looks so lush! I really enjoyed seeing the woodland homes...such a good idea. If they do that in our parks, I've not taken notice. The tree shadow was fabulous and the little ducks did look as if they were sitting on the branches...wonderful photo...should be framed. But then, all of your photos are so good that you might consider going into business.

Thanks for taking us on another delightful walk in your corner!

Needled Mom said...

What a delightful walk. Your photos are lovely. LOVED the hotel at the beginning of the post. Do you think we can make reservations?

Linda said...

Looks like a lovely day. I especially like those blue bells as they remind me of blue bonnets in Texas.

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely walk, as always. Mickey would really take to the bird watching. I think it's wonderful you and Alan take so many interesting walks. With my knee right now I have trouble walking to the mail box!!!! Grrrrr

A Woman Who is: said...

We find it all so interesting to see your world through your eyes.

I enjoyed my visit as always.

Rebecca said...

I love that tree shadow picture.....home is now in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but home there is in Folkestone! I moved here last November after spending the better part of ten years in the Netherlands and the UK. Bluebell Hill in my neck of the woods is calling my name after seeing the spread on your blog, sadly it will be gone when I arrive in May for a month, but there will be other displays.....

Sara said...

Hello Barbara, what a great day trip you had! A very pretty place. Someday I want to see fields of Englih bluebells one day....or if that doesn't work out, perhaps I can visit closer to home in Texas to see fields of bluebonnets instead (I wonder if they are the same flower...probably not).

That bug hotel is fantastic; it must have been fun to build. I love the shape of it and all the patterns and textures...I know it's only a bug hotel, but I could look at it from every angle and not get bored!

And the shadow of the tree with the ducks sitting in the branches - very whimsical.

I'm glad you took the time to go there yesterday and share it with the rest of us. Yes, isn't it a small world sometimes (meeting the group from where Alan used to work)!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Such an enchanted place to be...I would like to spend the entire day here....what a varied landscape....the water, the woodlands...everything is so lovely.

Mob said...

What a beautiful place. I love the pic you took of the shadow of the tree. The bluebells are just fabulous, they look so pretty in a big mass like that.

Barbara said...

Thank you for this interesting tour in the woodlands.You had a wonderful day there I guess. The bug hotel is very special, I like it.