Friday, 18 April 2008

I'm Always Amazed

This world of blogging never ceases to amaze me
and one never knows what surprise awaits on opening up the computer
This week I had an E-mail from a Head Teacher of a local school
of course neither of us knew at that time our local connections
She had Googled for some information and came up with a post from my blog
Her son was researching some local history
The outcome was that she and her son came to visit me on Wednesday
evening so that her son could 'interview' me
They were delightful people and during conversation we realised that she and her sister and my children attended the same school and they are all of a similar age
The son wanted to take my picture at the end of the interview
I do not like posing for pictures but I would not have disappointed him
I was rewarded with a box of my favourite Belgium chocolates
When they finally left I was invited to drop in and visit them as we only live
5 minutes apart by car
Today we had a strange smell in our town, as did apparently most of the south east of England (we learned this from the tv)
The atmosphere also looked slightly hazy/misty
It seems that lots of land in Holland was being sprayed with fertiliser after the Tulip harvest and this smell and pollution had been blown across the north sea on the very strong and cold easterly winds that we are having
I can understand debris as we can have a light covering of sand from the Sahara in Africa when there have been extremely strong Southerly winds(the sand travels high in the atmosphere) but a smell, that is interesting
Today, Saturday we are told that the smell is coming from 'muck spreading' in north west Germany
On another subject entirely
I need to get to grips with my new phone
It was a Christmas present and as I still have money on my old phone I have not yet learned to use it
I wanted a camera on my phone as I am taking photos all the time and do not always have my camera with me
Of course the minute one moves on to camera phone grade (as I am sure you know) then one also has internet, music,radio and more
I do not want to be using up money connected to the internet when I think I am taking a photo so I have a lot to learn
Maybe if I wait a few more months then Oliver might be able to teach me!!!

I'll finish this tome by showing you a card I made for Janie's wedding anniversary
this week
the red ribbon came off her wedding cake 9 years ago


DeeDee said...

Hi are such a busy lady..It seems so strange to hear you speak of winds blowing from Holland or Africa...we do live in different worlds do we not? How kind and agreeable to interview with your young neighbor...You are quite the celebrity :)...

Vanessa said...

Yes, it's me! Yes, I've been very busy, but I'm not complaining.

I've actually posted on New Beginnings (twice in 2 days!!!) and updated both my cooking and photos blog!

And now, I'm visiting wonderful friends. I do so love coming here for a visit. :-)


Willow said...

I am amazed at how the winds will carry the fertilizer or sand so far. Maybe it's Saharan sand that is covering my car right now...

I understand about the phone dilemna. I have a new one, too. Oh dear. I can't use most of the features.

Sara said...

Barbara, what a gorgeous card...I love that gold netting material behind the flowers and ribbon too. That's so special to have her actual ribbon as part of the card. Wonderful.

I am amazed about the smell all the way from the tulip fields in Holland! And African sand...that's amazing.

The phones these days are certainly complicated. I upgraded mine a couple years ago and could not find one that only did phone calls....mine also texts (I don't use that feature). At least there's no internet or camera on it!

Mob said...

That is neat that you met some nice people through blogging.
Thats weird about the smell. We used to live a few miles away from a farming area and would smell weird smells once in a while.
Love the card, its really pretty.

A Woman Who is: said...

Boy you have been a busy gal, with redecorating, interviews, and special anniversary cards. That was extremely thoughtful of you to save that ribbon and reuse it for such a special occasion. I sometime think to save things, and then I never get around to actually doing something with it.
I am impressed1 :>)

Linda said...

I hate changing computers or cameras. There is always a learning curve and my new item is always missing something that I loved on the old one. It makes me cranky.

inspired said...

\o/\O/\o/ God Bless

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a thoughtful card you created for Janie. My son and his wife will be celebrating five years on Friday and now I'm wondering how creative I might be.

Laughed aloud about your comment that Oliver will teach you to use your phone in a few months...are you sure that he can't do so today? ;D

Isn't it amazing the adventures that are always popping up for you? I shake my head to think of it for it strikes me as so odd, but wonderful!

Sorry about the stink and hope that it dissipates pronto!

inspired said...

Hi barabara just a little down from Whitly Bay its tynemouth beach.. :o]

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Barbara, wow, what an amazing experience with the interview... and chocolates to boot - yum!

That is very interesting about the smells and even the sand that travels to your area.

And your card is beautiful! How thoughtful to include the red ribbon with the memory built right into it. You are very thoughtful!

Susie said...

What an amazing story of how the internet connects us to each other.
We're having extremely high winds here today too.
When I first got the cell phone I have now, I connected to the internet by accident a few times. Quite pricey I must say!
Love the card you created :)

Barbara said...

Interesting to read what you are writing about the winds. We sometimes have African dust too, but luckily no chemical odour though we are living next to Basle with its big chemical industries.
The story about your could be mine ;-) !! Have a nice Sunday!

Needled Mom said...

The anniversary card is delightful. How special to include some of the original ribbon on it.

I remember when Mt. St. Helen's blew in the state of Washington that the ash traveled all the way around the world. It is amazing that some things can travel like that.

It sounds like you met a delightful friend by chance. How wonderful!