Thursday, 20 March 2008

Tatton Park Gardens

It being officially Spring this weekend and with snow forecast for Sunday
thought it might be nice looking back on a visit to Tatton Park in Cheshire
We visited on our way home from our trip to Liverpool where I was born
Had a wonderful visit but got caught up in a nasty 3 hour traffic hold up on the motorway later in the day, it was late Friday afternoon
It was so bad when we reached the M25 London Orbital
that we decided to go and spend some time in the service station hoping that later the traffic would ease
We had been in the service station for 5 minutes when there was a complete power failure
So with no refreshment of any kind and no light there was nothing for it but to get back on the road along with just about everybody else who did not want to sit in the dark surrounded by strangers
What happened to the days when one could just have handed over money for purchases and not worry about any change if the tills were down
In the modern days of computerised everything this is just not possible

Tatton Park is an award winning estate with a neo-classical mansion, gardens, working farm and deer park
We only had time to visit the gardens and mansion
I did not take photos of the mansion because they were in the middle of extensive renovations and the signs and scaffolding did not look too pretty
The theme of Victorian grandeur extends from the house into the garden, with its Fernery, Orangery, Rose garden, Tower garden, Pinetum and Italian and Japanese gardens.
Our time of visit was May so the Azaleas and Rhodedandrums were blooming


Teresa said...

How beautiful! Rich warm yellows and oranges, and cool pinks and purples, all in the same garden. I love the way the garden unfolds so gently, and the way the foot paths put your so close to the beautiful flowers. Did I see Honeysuckle in the eleventh photo down? The reflections from the water and the hints of oriental decor remind me of Monet’s garden. The bridge especially gives that look. A very nice way to spend the first week end of Spring!

willowmanor said...

Hi Barbara, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment. Your site is so lovely!! I will be coming back regularly, so keep an eye out. :)

Needled Mom said...

The colors in the gardens were just gorgeous. It almost looks mystical.

Now the drive itself......what a nightmare!!! I agree with you on the thought that these computers have destroyed the mind as to how to make change without a machine telling them how much to return to the customer.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Always wonderful to see garden photos and I was surprised that azaleas and rhododendron bloom in May there, too. I figured that it was already blooming.

Some of the elements in these photos look almost Japanese...the little bridge over the water, for example.

Sorry about the predicted snow...hope that it won't happen its being Easter Sunday and all.

Morning Glory said...

I've been to Tatton Park and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. This was a love stroll down memory lane.

DeeDee said...

Oh my Barbara...The gardens are quite lovely indeed....You always manage to make me feel as though I have visited right along beside you...I do wish for you warm weather soon..Dee Dee

Willow said...

What a beautiful place.
It reminds me so much of Washington Park and Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. The rhoddies, ferns and all, except the topiary.
Thanks for taking us for the visit!

Sara said...

How wonderful to see all that warm sunshine and masses of color and the clipped lawns and the reflecting water...thank you!

Barbara said...

Beautiful, beautiful! And a real treat to look at in these grey, cold and rainy days we actually have (with snow too). The topiary is funny! The Japanes garden looks wonderful.
Happy Easter to you!

Bek said...

This park looks so beautiful! I think I could spend all day there. So bright and colorful! Very nice and relaxing. A Happy Easter!

Mike said...

Beautiful. Somewhere I want to go.

Mob said...

The azaaleas and Rhodies are gorgeous. What a lovely garden. I got married once in a japanese garden that was very similar.

Susie said...

These gardens are just the picture of Spring!! It looks like a wonderful place to spend some delightful time :)
Wishing you a blessed Easter.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

How simply lovely! I'm looking out my window at light snowflakes right now... Ah the wonderful transition of Winter to Spring :)

There's a season for everything.

Joy to you this special time of the year.

Your friend in Christ,

Penless Thoughts said...

How absolutely beautiful.