Friday, 14 March 2008

March Ramblings

The seagulls come inland and dance for me

One never knows what is going to happen next in this world of blogging
My dear blogging friend Sara from California sent this book to me
She ordered it at Amazon UK from California and had it sent direct to me
here in England
If you want to read about this book check the link as Sara has written about it on her blog
Thank you so much Sara

I have just started reading the above book
I love to read anything about Tuscany and Provence
Even though one is Italy and once is France there are many similarities I think

Let's have a look out of the window and see some colour developing

You may remember I showed a vase of roses that my daughter Jane had delivered to me on Mother's Day
The bouquet was surrounded with tight budded lillies that just looked like green stalks
When the roses drooped I was left with this pretty display

Well nobody managed to guess which were the 2 door photos that were not taken in England
Here are the answers
This little chapel is a memorial chapel on the edge of one of the Swiss lakes
It is for a famous person but as it was taken in 1961 I cannot remember who it was

This door is the barn door at our friends farm in South West France
The other half of the barn was converted into a Gite
The farmhouse is to the left
I plan to post on it one day

For those wondering, I am aware that I have not posted on My Story for a while
I do intend to finish it but have found it difficult to get on with it recently
I'm waiting for inspiration

Have a nice weekend everyone


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely photos! Enjoy your book!

Penless Thoughts said...

Things are beginning to bloom around here, too. YEAH!!!!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful glimpse of your English garden!
The forsythia seems to be doing well.
i have read other parts of "My Story" and find it really interesting.
Hope to read more soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

Linds said...

Hi Barbara - I am here and reading but life has been a trifle challenging so comments have been scarce! Just wanted to say how much I loved your door post. Those photos would make such a beautiful book. My forsythia is glowing, and that red thingy (in your post and in my garden too!) is sprouting as well! New growth on the rose bushes and tulips appearing slowly. I love Spring! Love to you both.

Mike said...

Have you seen Maggie Smith in My House in Umbria. Lovely film. It's set in Tuscany...I think!?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's always a beautiful visit here with you. Your garden is brightening so much! I am certain that you have planned it well so that you have color in every season.

Janie's bouquet has been the gift that keeps on giving with those lilies just now coming into bloom. Great idea!

Enjoy your book. Now, as usual, I am curious and must go check to see what it's all about.

As for your story, we can wait for inspiration to strike knowing that it'll be worth the wait.

Enjoy a marvelous weekend!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Okay, now I AM intrigued! LOL!

Mob said...

Well, nobody guessed the doors. That was a tough one.
The Alstromeria that is left from your bouquet used to grow as perennials when I lived in Santa Cruz, CA.
They are one of my favorite plants.
Your garden looks like its getting off to a nice start. I love the Forsythia.

Barbara said...

Well, at least the French door was not an English one, as I wrote ;-) !! But the Swiss door I never saw before. It could possibly be the memorial chapel for the Belgium princess Astrid who died there (you wrote you took the picture at the Vierwaldst├Ąttersee) in a car accident...but I am not quite sure.
Enjoy your Spring garden, here it is going to be winter again next week...
Have a nice weeken!

Bek said...

Great color combinations! What is the pinkish looking shrub in front of the forsythia called?

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers and the birds.

I have read A THOUSAND DAYS IN TUSCANY. I enjoyed it, but my favorite is the author's first book, A THOUSAND DAYS IN VENICE.

WHAT'S YOUR GOD LANGUAGE also sounds interesting.


Linda said...

Nice to see spring has come to your backyard. I think there are similarities between Provence and Tuscany too-all of that open country with vineyards and perched villages.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful books and photographs.
Love them all.
Love Jeanne

Willow said...

Are the yellow flowers forsythia?

I see photinia, too! As well as the daffodils.

Sara said...

I ditto Mike's comment about My House In's a wonderful little film. As well as the beautiful scenery, I love Maggie Smith's wardrobe in that movie....

Your garden is really getting colorful...very pretty.

Kelly said...

What gorgeous color!!!!! What a view!


Vienna for Beginners said...

That first picture is incredibly beautiful!

I wonder if the chapel is the one built near the spot were Wilhelm Tell escaped from a boat onroute to prison (Tell is the Swiss national hero famous for shooting an apple off the head of his son, which lead to a series of events that caused ultimately the formatation of the Swiss Federation).

AnnieElf said...

Beautiful English Spring arriving. How thoughtful of Sara. We California girls are the best. LOL

A Woman Who is: said...

Oh a lot going on here. I have been away too long. I love the doors. How fascinating. Your garden colors are looking so inviting. Now, that Sarah has got me started on a few books too. I will have to go check her recent post. She is amazing!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Your photos are LOVELY! And I am intrigued to read your book recommendations. Thank you!

Happy Easter!