Monday, 24 September 2007

Spider Poem and September Garden

The garden is beginning to close down now for Winter, but there is still some colour as you can see.
It is also the time for spiders.
I have begun a poem about spiders and wonder if anyone would like to finish it.
This morning we had a "Line Squall" pass through the garden. It lasted about 90 seconds but looked and sounded quite scary. Nothing damaged except garden littered with rose heads.
Some places in the country had mini tornadoes and they did have damage.

The Spider

Oh! Spider, spider how I hate you
Running around my bedroom floor
And then I watch in apt amazement
The emerging patterns on the garage door

Up and down and back and forward
Tirelessly your web you make
Nothing stops you ‘till you’re finished
Or I step outside and the thread do break

To break the web seems to me disaster
Delaying your supper by many hours
But it seems your patience knows no limits
As you begin again......................

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I am a Snapdragon! What flower are you?

Just a bit of fun if you have time to do it.


Sara said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for your comments at my site. Yes, Ransomed Heart is something wonderful; I've read most of the Eldredge's books and the retreat I'm going to next month is being led by Stasi, for Christian women. I'm excited about that. I recommend the books, if you are interested, especially The Journey of Desire, The Sacred Romance, and Captivating. They made a big difference in my level of joy over the past couple of years; the Lord and our glorious future all seem much more tangible to me.

Becky said...

Well, what do you know. I ended up a snapdragon also. Imagine that!

I am sorry to hear of the wicked weather. Glad you did ok. Your roses look stunning.

Becky said...

Barbara, here is a website for your poetry writing adventure. There are not too many choices for hours.

Penless Thoughts said...

Here is mine:
You Are a Daffodil
You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don't need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

That was fun.

Thanks so much for the love hand made card :o)

inspired said...

just popped over via Susan of Penless Writer.. lovely little blog you have here ;]

CONNIE W said...

Barbara, I enjoyed finding your comment on my blog. One of my sisters lives in Louisville, Ky so I know the area. It's possible my hubby would be acquainted with the vascular surgeon you wrote about. Do you visit the US often and have you ever come in April for the Paducah Quilt Festival or in Oct/Nov for the Houston International Quilt Festival? Both of them are big shows and attract visitors world-wide.
Connie W
Simply Quilted

Linds said...

Hi Barbara.. I quite agree re Bicester, and I also remember the days of Prices Candles etc. It is a pity, but at least you got something! I usually end up just browsing now.

Merisi said...

How in the world did you come up with a Snapdragon? Sound so unlike you. :-)
They tell me I'm a sunflower. I choose the peanut butter chocolate whatnot swirl icecream. *-)))

Isobel said...

Glad that you are home safe and sound. Thank you so much for the pictures of your summer break, you take such wonderful pictures. I am going to make the cake on Friday, it's my husband's birthday, and he doesn't like "fancy" cakes.

nikkipolani said...

I could never figure where that flower quiz was headed, but in the end, I turned out to be a Snapdragon, too!

Willow said...

Well, I'm a canna. I know my mind and let everyone know it too! Is that because I like chocolate or because I won't lie even for a friend?

Janie said...

I'm a daffodil


Your garden is still very pretty.

I would end the poem this way, maybe,

As you begin again,out among the floweres.

I am a snapdragon.

Barbara, this was a fun post. Thank you, connie from Texas

Betty said...

I've done the flower thing before but don't remember now what I was. I'll do it again......Flowers are beautiful as usual....Thanks for visiting..Betty

Jeanne said...

Your gardens are so exquisite and I love your poems.
Big hugs

Susie said...

Hi Barbara,
I did the flower quiz too and I'm a snapdragon as well.
Your lemon cranberry cake sounds tart and delicious.
My Grandma used to call that style apron a "cobbler's apron"

Linds said...

My email address is and you can email me there, Barbara. I would love to meet up if possible!