Thursday, 20 September 2007

Post Holiday Fervour

Surprising how coming home after a break gives one renewed enthusiasm for the neglected household chores.
This week I have springcleaned the kitchen (was that for last Spring or next!), defrosted my six foot high freezer, cleaned out 2 fridges and Alan has cleaned the oven.
I have also put the garden to bed for the Winter.
I still have not cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, that can wait until next week.
Then and only then can I say that I have finished my spring cleaning.
I have the answer as to why I was having problems getting proper E-mail blog comments.
They were just coming through without links and partly coded. Having said that when I returned from holiday, I had an admin mail from my server telling me that I was running at full capacity, I suddenly figured out what might be wrong, and I was right.
My son-in-law had been sending me lots of videos of darling little Oliver and instead of saving them to my hard drive, I had left them all in Outlook. I quickly saved them all onto my computer hard drive and the next day all my comments came through as normal.
So the moral of the tale if you are an avid blogger like me is, don't let your mail box get overloaded.
One thing I want to do as soon as I can, is get to grip with Bloglines.
I know that will make my blogging life easier.
I will get Cotswold photos sorted as soon as I can.
For the moment I will leave you with a picture of some cards I sent to friends today. Why does everyone's birthday come in clusters?
Something else I need to do, get my card stock up again.
Also a picture of the Pyracantha in my son's garden. On visiting to feed the cats I just could not leave without taking this shot.


inspired said...

Hello and what do you know
i'm a Geordie too..

Willow said...

I know what you mean about the nesting instinct kicking in when you've been gone. I just love to clean and sort and settle back in to my cottage after I've been gone a while.
May your nest be well feathered!

Susie said...

Wise words about cleaning out one's mail box. Mine tends to fill up.
The font you are using is so easy to read.

Penless Thoughts said...

Just so you'll know we FINALLY got a scanner to convert all our 35 mm slides!!! YEAH!!! What a relief. Now we have the task of scanning 600+ We did a few today, beginning with 1945 pictures of my mother, father, maternal grandfather & grandmother that I didn't even know I had. Plus pictures of Suzette's 1st birthday in 1955. I am so happy & excited!!

I'll e-mail when I can ever slow down a minute to do so. We will have Aric from Saturday through Wednesday as Marc has a business trip to Fargo, ND. Never a dull minute!

I hear about people being bored. Not us!!! Mickey and I were talking today....there are just not enough hours in the day for us and all we want and need to do!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Of course your spring clean was for both last spring and the one to come. Great idea to do it in autumn, that way you only need to do it every second year :-)