Friday, 31 August 2007

Garden Reality

Thought we'd have a little reality here. I have so many people enjoying my garden but thought I would show you the other side for a change.

We have 2 garden sheds and this is one of them. I have been wanting an opportunity to empty it and get it cleaned up. It is also in need of some repair. It is amazing what collects in these places when neglected for a few years.

We cleared out old sun umbrellas, beach windbreak, horrible old covers for garden furniture, never used. Rusty screws and the like, rusty garden tools, a host of unopened and old packets of seeds, wire, empty boxes, numerous tins of old and solid paint, mildewed cushions, old pots, rotten garden gloves and much, much more - you get the picture!

And now restoration has begun
and it is looking a lot cleaner and more organised

Our second shed which is much newer and more organised

And here to give a little light relief, some of the colours today.

In the right hand bottom corner, the old shed door.

The window in the background is where I sit and read the newspaper after breakfast and look our onto the garden

I am so glad that this job is being tackled.

Just part of the week. It began with Janie and family coming over for the Bank Holiday on Monday.

We then began the shed overhaul on Tuesday (continuing today Thursday).

Wednesday we had a day out visiting Sir Winston Churchill's home and garden. I took lots of photos of this beautiful place and will post in due course. Will be a treat.

Tomorrow we are out for dinner and over the weekend our church will be working hard Spring cleaning the school that is part of our church.

Just a few highlights of my week.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

So true, behind the beautiful roses is often some rusty old stuff in a garden shed! Good to tackle it now, before winter!

have a great weekend!

Willow said...

I wouldn't dare show you my shed right now! Way too full!

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of Churchill's home.

Have a good weekend enjoying the roses.

Becky said...

Well that certainly makes me feel much better :) Everyone has a closet somewhere that needs to be cleaned out. That's where we "hide" all our stuff.

The flowers are lovely. I know you are enjoying the late summer blooms.

Churchills home will be interesting to see. You never know what you will learn in blog land.

Penless Thoughts said...

That top rose is BEAUTIFUL!!

Doesn't it always feel good to get one of those messy spots, that we all have, cleaned up?

Barbara Jacksier said...

Just a general note to say my Mum at 89, is also an enthusiastic garden, baker and knitter extraordinaire, too. Must be the good British genes. Too bad I can't convince her to start blogging.I love your daughters blog, too.