Saturday, 18 August 2007

Confessions of a Blogging Addict

Since I began blogging in January this year I have found it to be very enjoyable and it is amazing how one can make friends over the Internet. I liken it to having pen-friends in other countries when I was a child in one sense, but in another sense the scope of this kind of communication is far more reaching.

I never imagined that people whom I had never met would end up praying for each other and taking a genuine interest in each other’s families. There are the ‘swaps’, the ‘giveaways’, the recipes and all kinds of things like gardening advice. Sometimes I find myself deeply absorbed in thinking about the people that I am getting to know well, especially those where we have exchanged E-mail addresses and can therefore chat about things that it may not be possible to write about on a public blog. Who would have imagined this. It is also possible to feel rejected and left out, this sounds bizarre but it is true.
It has also been very humbling for me to have people tell me the difference my input has made in their lives. I don't take this lightly. I myself was helped by someone else's writing on Impatience. I somehow lost the blog site, but being prone to imaptience it was good for me to read.

I have always been very interested in other people’s lives (I am a keen biography reader) and I genuinely like getting to know people and how life is for them through their blogs. It also helps keep a good perspective when you realise in the end that we are all basically the same, having the same goals for our children, the same painful issues to deal with. The same excitements and so on and so on and so on. There is not a lot of difference in our towns and cities these days with the globalisation that we have.

In wanting to write posts of interest with accompanying photos it has also made me much more aware of my environment and what is around me. I have also learned a lot from other people’s posts and from researching things for my own posts.

So here are the positives, and there are many more, but for me it can also become very addictive. I am having to watch this issue as there are things that I have neglected since I started blogging. Things like card making, knitting, reading, daily walks, writing, backing up my computer, sorting and printing photos, and I guess, other things. I was reading in a very good book recently that it is very beneficial to spend some time each day doing something that one really enjoys and not to feel guilty about it.

So there’s the rub. Not giving up blogging by any means but prioritising and putting it in it’s rightful place and having the right attitude to it. For me, I am an “A” Personality which means I am a perfectionist and want everything done yesterday. I will keep going and not stop way past the time when it would be prudent for me to do so. This can carry over into my blogging. I have so many things that I want to post about that I could be sitting at my computer all day and every day. I also can spend hours catching up on all my blogging friends which I love.

However, like everything else in life I know that it is God who is in charge of my life and I can trust Him. Whatever we try to fight in our own strength, fights us back. I see that I must hand this over to Him like every other issue in my life and know that He will have it in it’s rightful place. So yes, I am going to continue blogging and keeping up with your posts but I am trusting God that I will be more relaxed about it and not feel that I have to post every day, even though I may want to.


Merisi said...

I think as long as one doesn't stop living one's own live (as opposed to vicariously living through other people's lives, i.e. blogs in this case), you should not feel guilty. I think what you are doing, - a moment of taking stock, weighing the give and take -, is entirely the same as rethinking participation in various clubs, church activities, doing arts and crafts and other "non-work" activities.

Time management is essential, in my opinion. I learned for example to kindly refuse to take part in "meme games", swaps, etc., as much as I appreciate being invited, they do take up more time than I possibly can give. Since my posts are an outcrop of daily living (and my addiction to pull out my little idiot's camera at the drop of a hat *g*), it's easy for me to pull one together. I have thought about concentrating on, let's say one weekly really well done post, but have dismissed it. Knowing myself, that would probably take up more time than daily "spur of the moment" posts. After all, the reason I happened to open a blog originally was for my real life friends, to have them take part in my new life in Vienna, even though they live far away on different continents.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

Linda said...

I just love blogging. It is a whole new world and I, too, spend too much time reading them. It has added a whole new diminsion to my life and I find it to be a creative outlet. What in the world did I do before blogging?

Becky said...

Barbara, this is a struggle for many in Blogland. I have found a wonderful balance. I do check my bloglines every day and keep up on the reading. But ... I have my bloglines narrowed down to watching only 30 blogs. Of course not everyone posts every day. Some only once a week or so, so this is not a very time consuming thing at all. Perhaps 1/2 an hour a day.

I post only a few times a week. Not every day. And often when I post it is something that I have written earlier. I might sit down and start 2 or 3 posts and then save them, come back to them 3 days later and finish them all, then post as I please. So that too is not time consuming.

I will not give up the walking, the knitting, the quilting, the reading the sewing, the cooking. I just fit blogging in with it all so I can be well rounded.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm afraid we all struggle with this issue. Balance in our lives is sometimes a hard thing to achieve. The one thing for certain.....Jesus must be first and center. That is my goal each and every day.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to do as Becky an narrow my list down. I will stop and visit now and again and you feel free to do the same. That way we both know there is no pressure and we understand our reason is to keep our heads above water where it matters most and to visit each other now and again to say hello.
Be blessed my friend across the pond.

Susie said...

Hi Barb,
Most of us strive for a healthy balance in the blogging world. I, for one, can not post every day and still do the things I enjoy. I enjoy the whole process, but after 1½ years, I am much more relaxed and just look on it as a very pleasant way to visit with good friends.
I don't want a site meter, because I don't care about the numbers or who visited and didn't leave a comment..
You'll find your balance too.

Willow said...

This is an issue with me as well. I realize that I love to blog but I have to maintain balance that I don't spend more time writing on my blog and planning how I'm going to write or take picture at the expense of spending quality time with my husband, my family and Jesus. I too love making friends all over the world and I am interested in everything so it's vital that I balance out my time. I hope you continue to blog since I just 'got to know' you.

Sara said...

I know what you mean! Since I started blogging a couple of months ago, I find it so easy to let other things slip, like exercise and reading. One good thing, I sure don't watch as much TV as I was doing. Don't miss it either!

Just wanted to say I found your blog today on "Frenchless in France's" site and the worlds "English Garden" grabbed me. I notice we like many of the same authors. I've enjoyed looking about a bit at what you've written, and your gorgeous photos of Oxford too. I look forward to visiting again.

Isobel said...

Hi dear Barbara,
I absolutely loved to read this post of yours. So full of truth and amazing feelings. I also see blogging the same way. Thank you very much for being around. I really love your blog very much.
Have a great sunday!

Maalie said...

I agree with you that blogging seriously eats into reading time. The only way seem to be able to escape is to go abroad for a few days!

However, I do maintain my study of anthropology, ecology and evolution.

Willow said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm an advanced knitter working the final level of the knitting guild association (used to be of america)for the master hand knitters certification. The whole mirror image situation of left handed vs right handed knitting is only an issue at this final level. I am going to be a grandma for the first time early next year, so I will go look at all your baby items!

lorenzothellama said...

Ver interesting Barbara. I think the time I spend blogging varies from day to day, on what other things I am up to.
I love blogging and feel I have lots of new friends, including you and merisi!

Sue said...

I'm a blogging addict too, nice to meet you! My Mom was born in England, I hope to visit someday! I love everything english!!

Betty said...

I know exactly where you are coming from and I think we may be alike in many ways....I only know one way to go about doing anything and that's whole-heartedly or in the south, the term, is whole-hog.

I feel the need to thank everyone for their visits and comments and of course to read their posts....this is very time consuming....we along with everyone else have busy schedules and sometimes I just simply don't have the time to spend on the computer so I try to keep my priorities in order.

I am a people watcher. I enjoy just simply watching people in a mall. We are such a varied species.....something interesting about everyone.....s blogging buddies are my cup of tea. We are all so different yet all alike...loving God, our families, our homes, our country......

I never realized that such deep friendships could be developed between people simply through the written words of the heart...but it is very true......I know my life has been enriched by you all. Now I have international friends....England, Wales, Germany, Australia, Scotland,Canada, Finland, France and others.....

So thanks for sharing your life, thoughts and God's love with me..Betty

Beach Girl said...

Hatteras Hello!

I actually posted at Yahweh's Retreat (!) today and wanted to stop by for a visit. I also want to thank you for your kind words.

No, don't feel guilty. Look at me, just poofed right out of Blog Land for a while and not even an explanation. I felt guilty for that.

There is a balance, which I am working on myself, because, like you I have met so many wonderful people and don't want to lose touch.

I've missed you since I've been gone. I love your posts and being able to see your corner of the world.


Betty said...

It's me again Barbara....I haven't read the post you refer to Jacob's sheep but I will check it glad you dropped by...Betty

The Bellingrath Gardens are absolutely gorgeous......

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Barbara,
No I didn't know merisi before I started blogging. Coincidences happen though. Raehla turns out to be a close friend of my nephew and his wife!
I have become close to halfmom.aka.susan from Illinois and we email each other.
Maalie is my big brother, hence the idle banter between us!