Saturday, 2 June 2007

Colour Continues

Having posted my new Teddy Bear mug, I thought I would start this garden post with pictures of my gardening mugs. On the inside it says, "A gardener's work is never at an end" and I can vouch for that. I can also say how worthwhile and satisfying it is as well as helping keep one fit.

Some more Clematis

And of course more Roses
And some shrubs
I am off now to do some of that work that is never ending in the glorious sunshine that we are having today. I may be naughty and sit with an ice-cream first. Have a great weekend all my dear blogging friends.
I will soon be coming up to my hundredth post and will have some surprises so keep visiting and sign up if you want to take part in my Giveaway.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I'm anxious for the 100th Barbara. Surprises eh? :o)

Britt-Arnhild said...

These mugs are really beautiful. The tea must taste perfect drinken from them :-)
Lovely flower photos as always.

Becky said...

I love the mug. I have a gardening mug as well, given to me by a former student (I have acquired many mugs that way :).

So, what are we giving away???? Sounds like fun. With your good taste I am sure it is something lovely. Count me in!!

lorenzothellama said...

is that a Nelly Moser, the first clemetis? I really struggle with clemetis in my garden. I have optimistically planted some more this year and keep hoping.

smilnsigh said...

Oh wow!! I actually recognized your Clematis. But I did call my husband {the Gardner} in to verify that I was right. Just beautiful.

And the blue is also a Clematis? Double maybe? We've not seen these.

And oh the roses!!! We are much later here, and no roses yet. He loves 'Old Roses' and has planted quite a few. As you know, they look differnt. They don't really *look like roses.* :-) But, they are.

When they begin to bloom, I'll be sure to put up pics. :-)

Hope you enjoyed your ice cream, first!!! :-)


Jeanne said...

And as the garden grows so too the gardener.
Beautiful treasures from your garden.
Be well my friend.

Betty said...

Barbara, Beautiful flowers as always.. we had wonderful rain yesterday.....

Looking forward to your 100th posting....Betty

Merisi said...

Such beauty in your own garden, amazing, I love to feast on it with my eyes! I do hope you sat down first, to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Rhoda said...

Hi, Barbara, your garden blooms are so lovely. We need some rain so bad to keep ours going.

Southern Hospitality

Daughter of the King said...

Delightful blog..I am a first time visiter..

I lived 2 wonderful years in the Cotswolds....Little Rissington..and worked in Stow on the Wold....MISS it soo so much.

Beach Girl said...

I would love to have a cup of tea out in your garden. :-)

Thank you for the lovely pictures.


Isobel said...

Hi Barbara!
Beautiful flower pictures as always.
And the mug is really sweet. Tea must taste really good with them. :)

lorenzothellama said...

Barbara: Thanks for the comments on clemetis. I have planted yet another Montana and hopfully this time it will survive. I have put in by a beech hedge so that the roots are shaded, and already the new foliage is shooting up through the hedge. I'm sure it will be beautiful when it flowers.