Thursday, 7 June 2007

100 Things that make me ME

Having so enjoyed reading the 100 things about some blogging friends I decided to join in with my own as part of celebrating my 100th posting. Initially it seemed daunting but when I sat down to write it I found the random thoughts just flowed, so here it is as the thoughts came.
It also felt very egotistical doing it, but when I think back to the days in childhood when I had pen-friends in other countries, we did the same.
Not 100 things but we did write about ourselves so that we could get to know each other a bit, and understand something of other cultures.
I am, and always have been, interested in how other people live their lives (I love reading Biographies) so I am looking forward to reading many more "100 Things" from my blogging buddies.
This is the first of 3 postings celebrating my 100th
The next one is a "Giveaway"

1 I’m 5 foot 4 inches

2 I have 2 adult children

3 I have 3 Christian names, Barbara Eileen Yvonne

4 I had 4 brothers

5 I refused to drink milk at age 5

6 I am not good at Maths

7 I love playing Scrabble

8 I am not good at Sport

9 I love Swimming

10 I love walking

11 I was converted at Youth For Christ age 11

12 I am the eldest child

13 I was born in Liverpool, England

14 I love Belgium chocolate

15 I knocked my front teeth out at 15

16 I have one grandchild

17 I have never coloured my hair

18 Longest walk 18 miles

19 Have worn spectacles since I was 5

20 I have had Shingles twice

21 Gardening is a passion

22 I have a sweet tooth

23 I have blonde, straight hair

24 I have grey eyes

25 I take size 6 shoes (7 ½ US)

26 I enjoy baking

27 Won an Art Scholarship at 11

28 Would have gone to same college as the Beatles

29 My parents would not let me go

30 I became a Social Worker

31 I helped establish a Christian Rehabilitation Centre

32 I was up in the air over the Atlantic when the Gulf War broke out

33 On a cargo ship that took 3 weeks to sail the Atlantic, weather so bad

34 Have visited Franklin Graham’s house

35 Learned to sail a single handed boat at 60

36 Learned to ride a horse at 42

37 I was a Brownie, Girl Guide and Ranger

38 I was an Akela in the Cub Scouts

39 I suffer from Emetophobia (vomit phobia)

40 I can’t play an instrument

41 But I would love to be able to

42 I am not good at languages

43 I am good at Geography

44 I am fascinated with Russian and China

45 I swam in a Quarry in Nova Scotia

46 I am keen on Photography

47 I am addicted to Blogging

48 I have been married for 48 years

49 I weigh 9 stone 11lbs ( 137 lbs)

50 Took part in “Come Together” music and drama at Royal Albert Hall, London

51 Turned a car over in Nova Scotia aged 21

52 John Denver was one of my favourite singers

53 I saw the film South Pacific 7 times

54 I love Wild Life and Natural World Documentaries

55 I have 12 clocks in my house (23 including appliances)

56 The Glory of His Presence by Terry MacAlmon a current favourite CD

57 I used to organise and host Christian Conferences

58 I have been caught in a hurricane at sea and sheltered behind Cuba

59 I used to have over 60 people a year stay in my home

60 I am low on patience

61 I get bored easily

62 I spent the first month of my life in an incubator

63 I remember when King George VI died

64 Was in the theatre when the Queen Mother was celebrating her 80th birthday there

65 I stole an apple when I was a child

66 I was locked in my bedroom at night as a child

67 I have stayed in a Prison

68 with my friend whose Father was the Governor

69 As a teenager I regularly cycled around the mountains of North Wales

70 I could sit on my hair when I was 12

71 I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in 1988

72 I went to sea with my husband 3 months after getting married

73 I have driven alone in the middle of the night along The Blue Ridge Parkway

74 I love cats

75 I open public toilet door handles with my sleeve

76 I enjoy my annual de-clutter

77 I do not like wearing new clothes

78 Don Moen is one of my favourite Christian singers

79 My houseplants grow so large that I have to get rid of them

80 I used to travel on itinerant ministry trips

81 Princess Diana’s Father signed the wine bottle that I bought from his cellars

82 I like to write

83 I bumped into Dustin Hoffman on the sidewalk in New York

84 I cried when I saw the Queen

85 I like to watch aeroplanes and wonder where they are going

86 I won a bonny baby competition when I was 9 months old

87 I love listening to Joyce Meyer

88 On my Grandmother’s advice I have a cup of hot water first thing every morning

89 I have a chocolate drink while reading in bed every night

90 I often read until the early hours of the morning

91 I am an owl and don’t like getting up in the morning

92 I am fascinated by skies

93 I have used body lotion daily since I was 21

94 I suffered severe depression in my 20’s

95 I do not enjoy the cinema but I enjoy videos at home

96 I was a May Queen aged 7

97 I have 750 books in my library at present

98 A little while ago I gave away over 500 books

99 I have seen The Northern Lights

100 I am so grateful for a varied and full life


Tracy said...

Thank you, Barbara! You have led an interesting life. And met interesting people. A very good list!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

wow, that was quite an interesting list!! Thanks for taking the time to do are such an interesting gal, and sound quite a sweetie, too.

Karen said...

I've enjoyed reading your 100! They are very interesting to read, and of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway caught my attention quickly! That's not too far from where we live, depending on what part you drove.
I had a hard enough time getting my brain to remember 9 things, let alone 100. Good for you!

Becky said...

Varied and full indeed. What great adventures you have had. And the people you have seen. We have many things in common. I love Belgian choclates also! I am certain I would cry if I saw the Queen. I have driven the Blue Ridge Parkway although not in the middle of the night. I have not been to Franklin Graham's home but I have been to his town, and seen his offices. My middle name is Eileen (after an aunt). Gardening, sweet tooth, baking, geography, John Denver. Ditto. Isn't that fun? See, we'd be great friends over tea any day of the week.

This was so much fun. And congratulations on the 100th.

Penless Thoughts said...

We do have so many things in common. One we do not, that I wish I did was weighing 142lbs!!!!

Betty said...

Barbara, You are an interesting person.....aren't we all so different yet so much alike....
The starch on fabric really works well.....Thanks for dropping by...Blessings, Betty

Isobel said...

Thank you for sharing with us. That is really great to know you a bit more. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Barbara, You had led a very interesting and varied life, Thank you for sharing..

Betty said...

Barbara, When you read my comment I'm sure you thought, "what is she talking about the starch and fabric". Barbara H. had left a comment on my blog and duh, I just assumed it was you.....Sorry....Betty

Linda said...

You have never colored your hair? I can hardly remember a time when I haven't. I will die with my hair colored. In any case, great list. You have had a full and interesting life and still have years to go.

blueberry hill said...

What a great list!

I didn't know my vomit-phobia had a name!

Liked the floating church pic on a previous post - an interesting outreach idea.


Jeanne said...

It is great to get to know you more Barb.
Love you
Jeanne ^j^

Sarahs Home said...

I Love the pictures on your blog, the flowers are stunning. Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you..

Sarah x

cherry menlove said...

Oh Barb, I do love you and can't wait to see you again. You're fantastic and I am so glad that both you and Janie blog. It's a super way of keeping in touch with you.

Love Cherry xxx

la bellina mammina said...

Thank you for sharing this - it's always nice to know more about you and your likes and dislikes.

Maddy said...

Wow Barbara you have led an amazing life, meeting so many interesting people and I too have seen South Pacific many many times unfortunately not at the cinema but on DVD.