Monday, 25 June 2007

Before the Rain

I took these photos before I was unwell and am glad that I did. Since taking them we have had almost 2 weeks of torrential rain and storms. The garden took a battering and much of the blossom disappeared over night. The roses were so heavy with water that they were drooping their heads and many had lost their petals. We Brits are known for obsessing on the weather, the reason being that on the whole we cannot rely on it from one day to the next. Holidaying in this country, even for a few days, and we have to take clothes for every weather occasion. I know there are many longing for rain and I do wish we could share some with them!
However, for us personally, a little damage to my flowers is nothing - there is much flooding in many parts of my country today, homes, roads, fields, so we have a lot to be thankful for.
Our Conference Centre Open Day took place in lovely warm sunshine and on the dot of 4.0 pm which was official ending, the heavens opened once again.
Our church/school site maintenance day it rained and rained and rained. However it did not deter us and much gardening and outside work was completed in the rain. It did mean though that more work than planned was acheived on the inside.
So maybe this year April changed places with June. We had a lovely sunny and warm April when traditionally that month is known for much rain.
For now, let's walk out of my Utility door and into my garden. Enjoy with me.


Merisi said...

Oh, your garden looked stunning. I hope it does recuperate well after all the unfortunate weather and best wishes to you, too!

lorenzothellama said...

I agree with merisi, your garden is stunning. Having been away for the last two weeks, it was a shock to come back to such a soggy lawn, but at least the pot plants had not died of drought!

Becky said...

Breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking. I can't believe I even posted pictures of my sad little piece of dirt. Ah well, we do what we can with what we have.

Penless Thoughts said...

Sorry you had this beauty upset with the rains. We are having the same type of rains here in my area. We like you have been spared any real damage.

Linda said...

I saw about the flooding in England on the news. They said it was the heaviest rain in 50 years. I am also of fan of Wimbledon and am in a little bit of agony wondering if the tennis will be rained out.

Rosemary said...

Our roses have been spoiled by the rain and many of the taller plants like foxgloves,beaten down by the sheer weight of water.Even the vegetables are suffering.As for planting drought loving plants as all the experts were recommending we would have done well to have bog plants this summer, here in Norfolk.No flooding near us though apart from some roads which will always flood if there is a heavy rain at any time.So we can count ourselves fortunate