Saturday, 25 February 2017

Disturbance in the Road and Tranquillity in the Park

We were disturbed by flashing blue lights outside our window last evening. It seemed a car chase terminated outside our house.
Just a brief picture from my i-pad showing a little part. It felt a little like being on a movie set.
There were 3 police cars and a very large police van (out of the picture) and at least 12 policeman to whom the suspects were handcuffed to some of them.
It was fascinating watching a sniffer dog getting so excited when it found what it was looking for.

Contrast to tranquillity in our local park.
The scene is of lights over East London at dusk which look like they are on the horizon here. Not so, we are on a hill. 

Now to some sunset scenes where I love the variety on different days.

Contrasting with the pale sun of a winter afternoon lighting up the newly pruned Dogwoods.

I have at last found a way to deal with my photographs and files in Windows 10. It may not be the best way, I don't know, but it works.
Using photos from my phone, i-pad and camera took some thought as well. The easiest thing seems to be to let the software do what it wants and then copy and paste to where I want them. More time consuming but, hey! it was worth it.


Lorrie said...

Your sunset photos are so beautiful. Calm and peaceful over the park, unlike the scene in the street. Such happenings. This morning we spent a fair bit of time watching the big trucks come and go at the house across the street and up from us - shingles were delivered, roofers came, and it seems there's a lot going on there these days. Have a wonderful Sunday, Barbara. Glad you found a solution for your photo storage.

Needled Mom said...

Well.....that makes for an exciting evening! Glad it all turned out well. Love all of the pretty horizon pictures.

ellen b said...

Glad you are working out a system that works for you with Windows 10. The sunsets are lovely. Glad things were taken care of without further incident in front of your home! Yikes.

Charm and Grace said...

Beautiful sunset photos, especially the 3rd one which looks like a painting. Lovely park.

Ag said...

The first picture does look like a movie set. Your sunset and garden pictures turned out really nice. I love the colours. We have been having cold weather here again and tomorrow is March 1st. It's time for spring, but as I look outside tonight it is snowing and raining at the same time.
Bah humbug for Windows 10! It has caused no end of problems for my husbands computer and for my picture files. Everything seemed to flow better on the older program, but it's good to hear you are having better success with it.