Sunday, 25 September 2016

Starting with Bits & Pieces

I have not posted much at all recently and I am endeavouring to rectify that.
Maybe I just needed a break but I also know that Facebook does not help, especially as a number of my followers are on Facebook and it is so much quicker but certainly not as satisfying.
I guess with the changes that have happened around me and some health issues (sciatica/back/hip) I have not felt motivated.
Part of the lack of motivation is that I have still not been able to find a way to get windows 10 to file my photos so that I can find them easily.

I thought I would begin with a few bits and pieces to get in the swing again.

Over the Summer Pilgrims Hall has had a face lift both outside and in many rooms inside

My Grandchildren have been quite active during their holiday in Mauritius. They both enjoy some junior golf.
They also like cycling and walking trails, and Rebekah just loves  Gymnastics, while Oliver is very keen on cricket.

One thing I have done over the summer is 'down size' the garden. Have been removing some shrubs for a while and laying down  more turf to make the garden more manageable.
In the above picture I have removed 9 shrubs from this area (with the help of Alan and my son digging out the roots) and made a small bed and planted 5 Spirea which will be MUCH less work. A friend had just been laying a lot of turf in their garden and we have been able to use here all the bits that were left. Soon it should have blended in well. 

I had decided that was it and then a few days ago when beginning to trim the Ivy wall for the third time this year I decided that needed to go too!

The roots were unbelievable and are still not completely out (if they will ever be)

I covered this fence quite some time ago as it was so unsightly. It belongs to my neighbour on that side and was not ours to remove. My neighbour is nearly 97 and her late husband had tried to cover it up on his side with hardboard and a trellis. 
This has meant that the ivy has lodged itself between fence, board and trellis. I have spent a lot of time trying to keep it clear on her side but with our climate this year it has gone rampant.
We are looking into the best way of dealing with it now that Alan has cleared so much from her garden.

Well I think these are enough bits and pieces for now until I have done some blog visiting.


Gracie Saylor said...

Pilgrims Hall and your grands look great, and I hope you are feeling better and better. We fought a similar fight with ivy on a fence shared with a neighbor. They sprayed the ivy on their side to kill it and we eventually pulled up the ivy we could and discovered that the trunk of the ivy plant was six inches in diameter! Our neighbors split the cost with us to replace our shared section of fence.

Vee said...

The hall looks wonderful. Hope that you are recovering well from your nasty bout with sciatica. I know that my pastor was sick most of the summer with the stuff. Skinny little dude and flat on his back most days. I don't plant ivy, but I do love to have an ivy plant in the house.

Janneke said...

´Down sizing´ the garden is necessary at a certain age, it must remain manageable. Ivy is nice, a long time ago I planted ivy in the garden to camouflage ugly spots. Now I´m not so glad with it anymore, it´s growing rampantly and when I was not there with my secateurs every few weeks, our garden and even house should overgrow in the shortest of time.
As I see your grandchildren had a wonderful time at Mauritius.
Wish you all the best!

Elizabethd said...

I went over to Windows 10 and wished I hadn't. I have managed to find the photos, but it is all so different.

elizabeth said...

Garden projects looking very good - and probably requiring quite a lot of energy!
Do hope you are having less back pain and sciatica.
Apple has done weird things with its photos too - Im very discouraged. (Maybe I'm getting old!)
Anyway, sending warmest wishes to you and Alan.

Summer said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos and the post☺ All the best with your health ♥

Needled Mom said...

Ha....I hear you on the computer upgrade. I'm dealing with the same thing.

I hope you can get that sciatica under control. That can be so debilitating.

The grands are growing up so quickly. Those tortoises are HUGE, but look like a fun ride.

Enjoy the fall in your beautiful garden.

CherryPie said...

I know what you mean about ivy. We have wild ivy growing at the back of our garden along with brambles and hawthorn. All very difficult to manage, so we are turfing the back part of a garden because it is a difficult planting are.

There was another portion of ivy that bordered with a neighbour. They thought it was ours and we thought it was theres. It has all been pulled away now and as you mention there are some big roots to deal with.

I hope you health issues improve.

Ag said...

I love the garden room on the side of Pilgrims Hall, I could just sit in there with a hot cup of tea! And very nice pictures of your grandchildren and their great golf swings.
Getting rid of the ivy looks like such a difficult task. We are not really supposed to plant it here because it can over take many other plants, but some people still do.
Hoping that your MRI went well and that your sciatica will keep improving over time.
Great to see your post today.

Come Away With Me said...

The grandchildren have grown into lovely young people. They do remind us how time flies. That ivy, on the other hand . . . what a difficult job!

nikkipolani said...

I can't believe how grown your grands have gotten! Good to have you back -- I'm sorry the computer frustrations have added to your absence.

You are wise to be working on simplifying your garden. And I'm impressed with what you've already accomplished!

Charm and Grace said...

It makes my heart sing to see you're still blogging. I am determined to get back to it one day. Yes, Facebook gives us a sort of instant gratification that is short-lived. Here today and gone tomorrow. But, blogging is that space that I went to when I truly let my "inner author" come out to meet the world. And, that is what I miss about it, along with all the blog friends and their beautiful writings. I pop in now and again just to see if you and my other blog friends are still at it. My world just feels right knowing you are still writing and sharing beautiful things. Now that my children are all grown (but not gone, yet), I would have thought I'd have all the time in the world for blogging, and yet it seems my life is busier than ever. Very blessed and thankful for all God's blessings and will get back to it in His time, I believe.

Love and blessings,

Charm and Grace said...

Barbara, it makes my heart glad to see you still blogging, even if every once in a while. Yes, I agree with you about Facebook... it has its place, but is certainly not as satisfying. I just love your photos and reading about your adventures, whether gardening, out and about in the countryside, the grandchildren, your church... just all of it. I hope you are able to get the Windows 10 thing figured out because you are so gifted with the camera.