Saturday, 7 May 2016

Spring Arrives in the Garden and More

This very ancient Crab Apple always gives such a lift to the garden
It was fairly old when we moved here nearly 40 years ago

I even like it's gnarled and moss covered branches 

A bluish tint in the evening light

A week ago daughter Jane and family had a 3 night cycling holiday in the Derbyshire Dales
They managed 60 miles all told that week which was pretty good I think with a 6 year old. (She was 7 the day they went home though)

'Made it' she says


ellen b said...

Beautiful tree! That is a great accomplishment for your daughter and grands.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Such a gorgeous tree, the color is stunning.
Your daughter and grandchildren are to be congratulated on such a long bike ride, quite the achievement !

Vee said...

Looks like the bike trip was great fun. The children look exhilarated. That is a lovely tree in your garden still producing beautiful blossoms and probably looking better with each passing year.

Lorrie said...

Wonderful cycling trip for your daughter and her family. I'm glad to see them all wearing helmets, too.
What a gloriously blooming crabapple tree!

Come Away With Me said...

The blossoms on your crabapple are so abundant and gorgeous. A lovely color. Jane and family are certainly active and fit! It's great that they do things like 60-mile biking holidays together.

Garden Fancy said...

That is a lovely crabapple tree! It looks like you are hard at work planting in your gardens, barbara. Glad your family had such a fun trip. Best, -Beth

nikkipolani said...

There's something particularly glorious about a tree that covers itself in blooms -- and then leafs out ;-) That crabapple is a gorgeous shock of color.

Willow said...

What a great trip that must have been for the grandkids! They look so happy!
Love the crab apple tree!