Friday, 29 April 2016

A Walk in Duck Wood

Decided on a walk in Duck Wood this afternoon - just 12 minutes drive away. It's Bluebell time but they had bloomed for a while so were beginning to 'go over'.

Duck Wood is just part of an ancient group of woods dating back to The Middle Ages
This group of woodlands also includes wild flower meadows which are worth a visit in the Summer months

The reason that there are so many extremely old trees that have been well managed and coppiced 

The woods are managed to attract wild life

and rare flowers - I need to find out what this pretty white and pale yellow flower is

there are quite a number of dew ponds

then, we were strolling along this path when we heard thunder overhead, so rushed back to the car and within a couple of minutes this was the scene!

snow and hail stones - back at home 10 minutes later the sky was blue and the sun was shining!


Pondside said...

You had my interest at your title - what a pretty name for the woods. I always like to see how well-kept British forests are. Over here the over-riding concern is to let things 'be'. The only forests that are managed are those leased by logging companies, otherwise it is nearly impossible to walk in the woods outside town unless there is a narrow wildlife path. Large trees fall and branches accumulate and wildfires find plenty of fuel.
The bluebells have been very pretty here this year too. Such a gorgeous blue!

Rasma Raisters said...

Thank you for the lovely walk in the woods. Great photos.

Needled Mom said...

Those blue bells are gorgeous! I am glad you were able to get home safely with that radical weather.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks so much for sharing your walk. I enjoyed it and appreciated the beautiful sights along the way. I rarely get out to walk like that anymore.

POIROT said...

Forest floor is dyed blue and looks so beautiful.
I have never saw bluebell flowers in forest, and so I planted bluebell bulbs in our garden last autumn.

ellen b said...

Oh boy those hail storms can be very frightening. I've been in Texas where they have had lots of damage to cars and roofs because of huge hailstorms. Glad you made it back to the car. I am looking forward to seeing fields of bluebells blooming sometime in the future!

Come Away With Me said...

The bluebells are always lovely. I do enjoy those oh-so-English names over there - Duck Wood, for instance. But hail and sleet are not too pleasant. I hope it warms up before too long.

Lorrie said...

Bluebells in the woods would make a walk very pleasant. Such a beautiful blue. The English forest looks so civilized beside our wild wilderness here, as Pondside already described.
We'll be coming to England this summer and I'm so looking forward to taking some long walks in the countryside.

Spuddle said...

I can't see it very clearly, but the flower looks like a wood anemone.
Duck Wood looks heavenly!

John Edwards said...

Spuddle is right - it's a Wood Anemone. Thanks for taking us walking with you.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Simply magical !
Thank you for sharing the beauty.