Thursday, 25 September 2014

Polperro, Cornwall (Part 2)

We are ready for lunch but so many eating places we are not sure yet where to eat. We will look around.

Smugglers Cottage

The Three Pilchards - where we finally ate

We finally decide on a pub where we can eat way above the rooftops with a good view of the inner harbour. 

There are several eating terraces on different levels on the hillside and being so hot we decided not to eat inside
We really pitied the waitresses who had to climb so many steps to deliver the food

We went as high as one could go and 
we ordered Cottage Pie and I have to say it was the best we have ever tasted
It was not minced/ground beef but large chunks of the most tender meat I have tasted with lots of mushrooms and gravy to die for

Along with that before eating we had to clean off the table with napkins, my bottle of water and hand sanitising spray
The gulls were circling - part of the Cornwall coastal experience!

Towards the end of our meal we went down to a lower level to find some shade 

Having eaten the tide had come in

Note the wooden beams holding the upper part of this building up

Still walking we come to the wall that divides the inner and outer harbour

No, we didn't!
We are going up onto the cliffs instead

You don't see it here but will see it clearly later
There is a cave underneath these steps
You can see why it was a smuggling area, lots of caves in the cliffs

The outer harbour

One of the caves

We are making our way to the top

and walking down the cliff on the other side looking out over the English Channel where it meets the Atlantic

and on our way back watch these young guys diving into the harbour

Another group of swimmers 

and someone who likes the high life

and some more on the way up
I still have another post to do on this lovely cove but I will spare you the 150 photos I took!
Do visit the previous post if you have not already done so as it is so picturesque


Sara said...

That was lovely. I took my time and studied all the photos. Wouldn't mind a home high up on the hillside like some of those with a view of the sea. I could almost hear the gulls and smell the salty tang and also the not quite so pleasant smell of the seaweed and algae baking in the sun. Your lunch sure did look delicious.

becky up the hill said...

Lovely! What is 'too hot' in Cornwall? I loved that lone two story cottage? at the edge of the harbor. Do you know what that was? Is someone living there? Those timber's holding up that building looked ancient and rickety! Or maybe they were ancient and strong! Thanks for the lovely tour. p.s. I am hungry now!

Lorrie said...

What a delightful place. I long ago read DuMaurier's Jamaica Inn and somehow the coastline you've shown, with the cave, reminds me of that story. I know she based many of her books in Cornwall, and for good reason, it seems. Lots of scope for imagination and romance in the scenery. Beautiful photos.

POIROT said...

Looking your pictures, I feel as if I were walking with you in Cornwall. It's a nice atmosphere.
I am visiting some places in Cornwall next month for the first time, and I am looking forward to seeing the landscape, houses and people.