Friday, 1 August 2014

Week of Cat Sitting

We just had a last minute week away looking after 2 Siamese cats, one of which was due to give birth a couple of weeks afterwards.
We were at the home of the daughter of the family from whom we got our own original Siamese cat, who at the time were part of our church and lived in our road.

The said cats. interestingly they look just like our two did, a Seal Point on the left and a Blue Point.

Pebbles the pregnant mummy

and Monty

Our back garden for the week was 11 acres of garden and woodland

Lets go for a walk in the woods 

Deeper and deeper into the woods which after about 15 minutes brings us to a creek off the main river

We pass a couple of ponds on the way

an old woodman's hut which felt a little spooky when I walked alone at dusk 

Back to the house, but hope you liked the walk


Patsy said...

That was a lovely walk, beautiful home and grounds.
How many baby's did she have?

Garden Fancy said...

Thanks for the tour of the lovely property and gardens at your temporary lodgings, and for introducing the cats! -Beth

Sara said...

Are there any deer in those woods? Seems it might be a lovely thing to have one's own woods to go walking in. But I'd be spooked too, walking alone unless I knew the place was secured somehow.

Elizabeth said...

A lovely place to spend a week in...with gorgeous cats too!

Winifred said...

That certainly was a lovely walk Barbara.How many gardeners have they got?

Love those cats, sleek beauties. You certainly miss having cats wheh they're gone.

Vee said...

Beautiful walk in the forest....that hunting blind would be a bit spooky. Did you dare peek inside? The cats are so elegant. They look perfectly content with each other. In fact, it was so odd because I just came from Blackberry Lane where two cats were embracing. =D

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Lucky kitties to have such nice people looking after them and what a nice 'change of scenary' you got to have!

Anonymous said...

I love the Siamese cats. They look so cuddly and are really beautiful.
Imagine having all that land to wander around. How do they manage to keep those paths cleared. I agree about the old woodman's hut, a bit spooky to walk by all alone. Yes...back to the main house.
Thank you for the tour Barbara.

Gracie Saylor said...

A lovely spot for your job, Barbara! Rather purrfect, I think :)

Adrienne said...

That was a beautiful walk! The cats are sweet and it looks like a wonderful place to spend some time away from home.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Such adorable cats to look after, and gorgeous gardens to walk around.

Balisha said...

I do love Siamese cats. We had a seal point years ago. She was a lovely cat who lived with us for many years. She loved to leap to the top of a doorway and look down on people. Many of my friends were a little leery of this cat who could leap to the top of bookcase shelves. She had one littler of kittens and members of our family each took one. They grew up like their mother...very friendly lovable cats.
The place that you are staying looks so beautiful. I would imagine you are having wonderful walks.
Take care,

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, sign me up for cat sitting duty ant time!
Much less tiring than the little kiddies!
What a glorious spot.

Jane said...

Looks like a great place you had for your cat sitting. Plenty of space to wander about.