Friday, 30 November 2012

The New Mucking Wildlife Centre

Before continuing with my Summer postings here are a few photographs from today
Having had such torrential rain and flooding for a couple of weeks now,  here we are with the first beautiful day visiting a new Wildlife centre on the River Thames
This one is about half way between London and the Estuary
It is very cold but such a blessing to see the sun
It has just been forecast that we could be in for the coldest Winter on record this year
I don't mind cold if it is sunny but not cold and dismal

The visitors Centre

I should have taken some photos inside as it is very spacious and modern with full length windows on the other side with telescopes for watching the birds
There is a restaurant and great shop including fun things for children that encourage them to enjoy wildlife and all things natural
I certainly found lots to buy for the Grand children (who will be staying with us again this weekend)
and one can walk the outside spiral ramp to the top for views

Here I am at the top looking down towards the estuary and in the foreground we see a new terminal being built where in the future one can watch the turn around of the cruise ships

A ferry sailing past
very hazy

and looking back into the sun and towards London

and towards the Estuary on the horizon
We spent some time in the Hide (seen further down the hill) and then had a walk before leaving for home as I needed to get back for lunch time otherwise we would have stopped and eaten lunch in the visitors centre

As the Grands are coming I wanted to begin putting up my Christmas tree etc. Don't normally do it this early but I thought they would enjoy it


Vee said...

Yes, Barbara, there are a great many things we do because the grands will love it. And they will!

What a fabulous set-up this place is and what a super location. It even looks cold and I certainly hope that that prediction does not hold true for it would mean that it has to get there from somewhere and I'd prefer it not to be from here. ☺

Have great fun this weekend! Does your little granddaughter enjoy proper tea parties?

Sara said...

Looks like a nice outing for you, Barbara. I'm glad the sun shone on this day and hope it shines often during your winter.

Lorrie Orr said...

So glad you've had a break from all the rain and had a lovely sunny day for your outing. Looks like an interesting place.

Annie said...

That is a pretty impressive building exceeded only by the gorgeous views one enjoys from there.

It's been raining furiously here too, Barbara. No flooding in our area but it's WET to the max.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It will be great to have the grandchildren there to help you decorate your tree. I've been decorating here but the two grands that live close and that I occasionally have here for the day are too young to be of help. Still I do enjoy it when they come by. It's not been too cold here yet, but we have our coldest weather in January. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Needled Mom said...

That is such a beautiful setting. I am glad the sun was shining for you. At least it makes it feel warmer!

The children will love the decorating. I love seeing their eyes full of wonderment.

Trisha said...

Love the pictures especially the one of the sun, toward London. It is breathtaking. Blessings.

Cheri said...

Loved the sun picture. I couldn't find you on FB so here is my whole name Cheri Olson-Boyer!

Grayseasailor said...

The wildlife centre looks like an interesting place to explore...but it does look a bit cold, Barbara. I hope you had fun with your grands. I put up a little artificial tree in my room, and then traded my youngest daughter for the artificial tree she was going to set up in her room which was a little bigger. My 3 yr. old granddaughter did not see us make the exchange so when she came into my room after the exchange had been made, she hopped up and down with great excitement and observed, "Your tree growed, Gramma!!!" :) xx from Gracie

Elizabeth said...

Wildlife is wonderful but the building (to my eyes) unattractive.
But how one enjoys sharing outings with the little ones!
Advent greetings to you both!