Friday, 9 November 2012

Ickworth House and Gardens Pt.1

For the second day of our visit to Suffolk we are at
 Ickworth House 

As we walk up the drive we have our first glimpse of the Rotunda, the centre of the house

The first thing we do on arrival is go to the Refectory for lunch 

refreshed and replenished (it is very hot today) we make our way first to the restored basement where the servants of old lived and worked

passing a ladies travel case

before entering the kitchens

and a servants bedroom

the House Keeper's room

with sitting room

and the bed of a young houseboy in the corridor 

and the Servant's Hall

then making our way towards the back stairs that will take us into the main part of the house 

an old Sudan chair

and upstairs into the hallway

before entering the dining room

Note the reflection of the chandelier in this beautiful table piece

we will continue through the house in my next post
I do love it when the houses allow photographs and I notice more and more are beginning to


Priscilla said...

I went there once on a WI coach trip. There was a beautiful portrait that caught my eye. The gardens are magnificent. I'm so loving your Suffolk posts. Thanks.

Lorrie Orr said...

It's beautiful, and after watching Downton Abbey, I have a new appreciation of life "below stairs" and the rooms in which the servants lived. How nice that more photos are allowed. We do appreciate it.

Deanna said...

Dear Barbara,
I'm enjoying this post about Ickworth. What an outstanding place to visit.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! What an interesting design.
The poor houseboy, imagine sleeping in a corridor. I've read about this before, it seems that is was quite to norm!

nikkipolani said...

I like that -- lunch first! Such a beautiful home with so many historical details preserved. That chandelier is gorgeous.

Needled Mom said...

Another beautiful English house!! I just love traveling along with you.

Elizabeth said...

Quite a contrast between upstairs and downstairs!
I remember wanting to get a stripped pine dress in the 60's when they were coming back into style and my father being a bit dismissive and saying that was the sort of thing that would have been in a maid's room
and it shouldn't be half the price.....

New York is still a disaster in many areas. We, personally, are very lucky to be warm and dry with electricity.

Sara said...

That's quite a rotunda to be in someone's home, even a grand home such as this!

CherryPie said...

When ever I go on a visit my first port of call always seems to be lunch too.

It looks like an interesting property, another one I have never visited!

cyclopseven said...

Splendorous indeed!