Friday, 12 August 2011

Two Weeks in August

Holiday and London postings will continue but for now:
It has been Soul-in-the-City time again - my small part here was to find old or disabled people in the neighbourhood who were unable to manage their gardens

and to help surround the local park in prayer and be available to pray with and/or talk with people while the young people organised family fun stuff and BBQ (all free)
The young people from around the borough were accommodated and cared for at our school where they spent the mornings in praise, worship, prayer and Bible study while working in the community in the afternoons and organising family fun in the evenings

Having said in my last post that I found August a boring time in the garden I remedied this by digging out the 11 Lavender bushes that were past their best in this part of the garden (correction  - I cut back and Alan dug)

My plan is to fill this border with this beautiful new rose (Strawberry Hill by David Austin) that I have at the front(seen below) and also replace the climbing (seen above) with a climbing version of this same rose. An eye catching mass of pink should result

While in this mood I dug out a number of other Lavenders around the garden and have begun another Lavender plot at the bottom. I often find it hard to get into garden tasks but once I do I am
'on a roll'

Managed to slip in the making of a birthday card for a friend where we will be helping her to celebrate her 60th tomorrow

Because I knew that once Oliver arrived for his first holiday with Grandma and Grand Dad  that my time would be given to him
We did many fun things during the week and record just a few here
The bit I was not too keen on was being woken a lot earlier than usual with " Come on Grandma get up, there is a little bit of blue sky outside" 

Visiting the chickens and sheep while collecting pine cones at Pilgrims Hall before joining the adults at an evening social gathering with the team from Israel who had just finished teaching at the Torah Summer School 

Getting with Grand Dad to play with lego

Flying a kite for the first time

And getting it stuck in the top of a tree
Took Grand Dad 20 minutes to get it down

Then it was time for a simple picnic

Before picking Blackberries

and enjoying the outdoor gym

Helping with the crossword

It was fun splashing around in the sea but far too windy to swim
We abandoned erecting the beach tent when it almost blew away

We walked along the longest pleasure pier in the world
One and one third miles

and rode the pier train back after visiting the life boat station followed by tea for us and ice-cream for Oliver

To see what this pier is like click on this link from a much earlier post

Yes, I was tired by we came to take him home last night but it was an enjoyable and fun time which we will be repeating at the end of the month
Before that though we are having a little holiday from next Monday till Thursday which will of course add to my mountain of photos waiting to be posted!

and on a more serious note

Lo*ndon's Bu*rning - not quite
but this was smoke from one of the fires in North London quite some miles away

Will finish this long post on a less serious note
On the day Oliver arrived 2 years and 4 months old Rebekah was with us for the day. She made her presence known by dismantling the vacuum cleaner and emptying the cylinder over the floor.
This paled in comparison when she climbed to the top of the
 'big guys' climbing frame in the park. I did not have my camera but would have been too busy anyhow watching her every move. 


Elizabeth said...

I recognize the longest pier in the world!!!
What a super week with Oliver.
Well, your young people at the opening of this post show the best of what youth can do
and the final pic of the worst......

Not the place to get into it here
but I feel sorry for all concerned in London
wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Elizabethd said...

You have had a busy time! How lovely to see young people doing something positive.

Lorrie said...

What a fun week you had with Oliver. Lucky boy. Rebekah sounds like a sweet tornado!

Enjoy your getaway.

Susan said...

Making special memories for Oliver. I can't believe how much he's grown. As always your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Deanna said...

Sweet Blessings to you.
You make such nice cards!

Life is interesting,

Arlene said...

What a lovely newsy blog, so full of colour from the garden, I'm so behind with my comments and blogging, partly because of the garden and getting my new website up and going, Snap I too have a birthday tomorrow 74th! scary.

Trisha said...

Have a Blessed week. Oliver is so handsome. We are so proud of your youth. Keeping you all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your grandson had a great time with his grandparents.
Your roses are so beautiful.
Camille USA

Annie said...

I have to admit that as I enjoyed your post, I was thinking of London. Then you actually shared a photo of smoke in the far distance. Thoughts became reality. Prayers for peace and resolution continue.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful that you are keeping quite busy there between the garden and the grandchildren. Summer is a lovely time of year for just that. Hopefully you won't see any more of that London smoke there.

Illusionfree said...

Such wonderful pictures of the time spent with your grandson! He is lucky to have such grandparents. Glad to see the lavender patch, because I have been imagining colorful fields of lavender and did a post on that.

Bishop Stone said...

Your roses are lovely. I am thinking of getting a cage to put over mine to keep the possums out. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful time with your grandson. I am sure he will cherish those times as he grows.

Diane said...

SO much going on at your house and in your garden. I love that you volunteer to help seniors with their gardens.

I'm retiring in less than three years and am looking for volunteer things to do....I love that idea!


talesfromagarden said...

Photos from a very busy and rewarding life!Your roses look beautiful. Watched the London riots on TV very disturbing,could happen anywhere.
Enjoy your break!

Shawn said...

Barbara, I so enjoy your blog! Beautiful roses:)

Needled Mom said...

I'll bet that you were ready for a good night of sleep after keeping up with Oliver. Wouldn't you love to have that energy??? I love how he wanted you to get up for the blue skies. I wonder where he heard that.

Those fires are just terrible. I can't believe the pictures coming from London.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is a great photo of the three of you on the windy pier! Lucky Oliver...or more correctly, blessed! have such caring and active grandparents.

Vee said...

Oh this post made me laugh and shake my head in complete understanding. Love the pictures of you with Oliver. I hope Grandpa didn't have to climb the tree to get the kite down, but I really don't know how else it was accomplished. They'll keep you young!

a woman who is said...

Wow!!!! You have had a busy August. What wonderful times and memories you and your husband are making with Oliver and Rebekah. I admire your energy.

The new roses look phenomenal. I have wondered about Strawberry Hill, it looks like a wonderful addition to your garden.

Hope you are recovering from the break in. We have had several issues in our neck of the woods with similar incidents. So sorry, but glad you and Alan are alright.