Friday, 5 August 2011

Lyme Regis, Dorset

We arrived in Lyme Regis in the rain and sat in the car park for a while until it eased somewhat
We then began our visit by walking down the hill that overlooks the famous Cob that juts out into the sea, English Channel. Those old enough to remember the film 
The French Lieutenants Woman 
will remember Meryl Streep standing at the end of the Cob dressed in a black cape and hood and looking like she was about to be blown off.

If you double click you will see that the outer Cobb wall is high above the sea and this is the part one can walk on 

We then walked down another hill into the town

There were a whole line of these sports cars, obviously a club holiday

After walking a while we had lunch in a very different and interesting place which I will keep for the next post
and then  proceeded to walk along the front to the far end of town where the Cobb, beach and harbour are

This picture is obviously out of sequence because the sky is blue and the sun did not come out until later in the day

We have walked from the far end of the bay and still have a way to go yet

because as you can see the Cobb is still some way off

We pass a picturesque beach side restaurant

and finally we leave the harbour and as we walk on the Cobb I do not take any photos as we are on a narrow strip high above the sea with nothing to hold on to. Do not like!

We are now at the end of the Cobb
We are looking at the famous Jurassic Coast where people go to collect fossils. It is 95 miles long and said to be 
185 million years old

Colourful fishing nets on the harbour side

These children have just been out to sea on a fishing trip and were very pleased to pose for my camera (with parents consent)

They had been fishing for Mackerel on this boat
Would have been fun but we were not planning on cooking fish back at the cottage

We are now walking back the way we came and have to walk back to the furthest point seen here as well as walking back through the town and up a very long and steep hill to the car park, so while sitting on a bench taking a rest in the sun I spot this Seagull feeding her chicks 

Beach front houses
Hope you enjoyed your visit and I will share with you the very interesting and unusual eating place in the next post 


Elizabethd said...

What an attractive place. I loved the photo of the coloured fishing nets, so unusual.

Cheri said...

Those were beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Cheri

kreativehaende said...

Wonderful fotos from Lyme Regis! I like the mentioned film, too- in German it is called "die Geliebte des französischen Leutnants"...
I also know this place from Jane Austen- she has spent a vacation there and in her book "Persuation" Louisa Musgrove had an accident on the cob.. I enjoyed your fotos very much!
have a nice weekend,

a woman who is said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip. The colorful fishing net shot caught my eye. I probably would not have thought to photograph that. Quite nice.

talesfromagarden said...

The minute I read Lyme Regis in your post headline I thought of The French Lieutenants Woman and Meryl Streep!
It looks a beautiful place,beach and walks and lovely cafes too.You must be very fit to do all that walking!
We have been to Poole/Wimbourne/Bournemouth and on a camping site near the New Forest a lovely area to visit.Looking forward to more photos!

Needled Mom said...

What a gorgeous place to visit!!! The cars looked like they belong there. Your pictures are just amazing and seem to capture the town perfectly.

2son said...

Barbara, you are the artist with a camera. I miss my visits to England. B

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I'm glad the rain let up so you could tour the town. Interesting where the seagull chose to raise her looks like a warm and sheltered spot though. I enjoyed all of your photos, and especially the last one...I've always thought a home high up above the beach like that would be fun to live in.

Elizabeth said...

I have never been to Lyme Regis but it looks charming.
A pity you didn't have sunnier weather.

Trisha said...

So colorful, thanks Barbara for sharing your vacation with us.

Illusionfree said...

The place is so beautiful. I am glad I could see the place where 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' was shot. I read the book some time ago and was drawn to its wind-swept, sea-side cover page.

Michael said...

Lyme Regis always puts me in mind of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". You do get around!

Midwest to Midlands said...

I love Lyme Regis. That is one big hill to walk back up, but the view is great from the top. Hadn't heard of the fun eating place you went to, how interesting and looked like the food was really good too.

loveithandmade said...

I so enjoying touring with you!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Barbara

Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. Now I can see why I love Lyme Regis--hope to visit oneday!!

Tracy :)

Vee said...

Now I see how they had to do some editing to get that shot of Meryl Streep. Very interesting post and it's always fun to enlarge the photos and see the details.