Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Donyatt Village

Back from holiday and sharing a few views from the village where we stayed in Somerset for starters.

A good spot for a base and everything satisfactory and enjoyable except for the fact that I was in pretty constant pain from my tooth extraction for 5 days. Apart from the cavity there was an opening where a root had travelled under the adjoining tooth and I could not chew food properly for most of that time.
I have never drunk so much soup in my life.
Add to this a dose of tonsillitis so I was not feeling my best.
I did not let it stop us visiting all the places we had scheduled but I was not the happiest bunny on the planet!
Once home I realised that I expected holidays to be perfect, consequently the disappointment, when in reality they are just a part of life and all that life entails.

We stayed in this 17th century village school that had been converted into a family home
(Will take you inside in the next post)
The owners also owned a house in France and lived there during the summer months while renting out this home and lived here in the winter months while renting out their home in France.
A logistical nightmare I would think!

The local parish church was opposite

This cottage next door was home to the winner of the BBC 'gardener of the year' twice and also 'gardener of the decade'

Looking out diagonally across the lane

and up the lane towards our place on the left

The local country Inn just around the corner

where the food was delicious and varied
I did manage a delicious Lemon Sole which was easy to eat but hated having to mash the vegetables
On our next visit a Moussaka  without the accompanying Greek salad was manageable even if it did take a long time 

At least I could buy newly laid eggs here which were easy to eat.
A very small village where the residents were very friendly and helpful


Needled Mom said...

That looks like a fabulous place to visit. I am sorry that you couldn't enjoy it more - especially the food! The village looks so inviting and charming.

Vee said...

What a charming neighborhood. Sometimes just figuring out why we are so disappointed helps. I'm with you...holidays should be perfection. Hope that you are feeling much better now.

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful village
but toothache is the very devil.
Sorry your holiday was marred by this disaster.
I look forward to more photos from Somerset!

Terri said...

Thanks, Barbara, for the tripping! I love the UK countryside and quaint little villages. (Here in the States we would have bulldozed those buildings 3 times by now, and have some tacky town there.) I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see the inside of the school turned home.

Willow said...

At least you didn't just stay home. The village looks like one where people would just love to walk everywhere-delightful.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful village to visit and stay awhile!

Sorry to hear about your tooth. You can't do much when you are in pain like that, considering you need to eat!

Anonymous said...

I just popped by to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

I have a very high pain threshold but I've always said toothache is the worst for me to cope with!

Lovely pictures of a lovely place!

Trisha said...

Beautiful pictures as always. Hope you are feeling better now.
Have a Blessed day.

Susan said...

Sorry you were dealing with the tooth issue, but glad you were still able to go. I always enjoy seeing the lovely sights. Gardener of the decade!!! WOW!

PatioPatch said...

yes we have such high expectations of holidays, Barbara and yet they are jsut a different slice of life. Your teeth and tonsils must have been a sore point but your hoiday images suggest a wonderful break. Love this part of the country - one of my fave holidays was on the Dorset/Somerset border.

Elizabethd said...

I remember visiting Donyatt many years ago, a pretty little village indeed.
Hope that your toothache is better now.

Pomona said...

I am sorry that you had such a hard time - it is a very beautiful place - I hope you will remember the good things, and forget the bad.

Pomona x

Martha said...

Looks like a great place -- and I would have been picking your "neighbors" gardening brain!

bibbitybob said...

Wow, what a beautiful village!

I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' :) x

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I do love those thatched roofs! And I notice the skies were lovely and blue. What tales those houses could tell...

It's too bad you were not feeling so well physically. Yes, sometimes we do tend to expect perfection when we are on holiday and it seems something always happens to disabuse us of that notion. I'm glad you did not let it get you down but continued with your plans and visits. I'm so looking forward to seeing more.

Arlene said...

Hi Barbara thanks for comment on my blog, I've had a very busy weekend and haven't been doing much [any] visiting, but seeing 'Donyatt' I had to have a nose, I had a holiday there about 30 years ago, very pretty village, loved your photos, I wonder if I have any, might check, not now as it's bedtime, catch up later. BFN

janet cooper said...

Wow im glad ive found your blog, my partner and I are staying in that cottage in August, any tips would be great thanks Jan.