Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Supersensual Life and Autumn Beauty

As Autumn colours start to show their beauty I thought I would post a collage of the pictures I took in Epping Forest and posted last year. Double click to see individual pictures. It may take a few seconds to load.

In thinking about the peace and tranquility of walking in the forest at this time of year I am reminded of a piece of writing that I have on file. I do not know it's origin but it certainly relates to taking time to just sit and absorb God's beauty.

The Supersensual Life

Disciple: Sir, how may I come to the Supersensual Life, so that I may
see God, and hear God speak?

Master: Son, when you can throw yourself into That, where no
Creature dwells, though it be but for a Moment, then you will hear what
God speaks.

Disciple: Is that where no Creature dwells near at hand? or is it afar

Master: It is in You. And if you can, my Son, for a while but cease
from all your own thinking and willing, then you shall hear the
unspeakable Words of God.

Disciple: How can I hear Him speak, when I stand still from thinking
and willing?

Master: When you stand still from thinking of self and the willing
of self; "When both your intellect and will are quiet, and passive to
the Impressions of the Eternal Word and Spirit; and when your Soul is
winged up, and above that which is temporal, the outward Senses, and the
Imagination being locked up by Holy Abstraction", then the Eternal
Hearing, Seeing, and Speaking will be revealed in you.; and so God “ hears
and sees through you", being now the Organ of His Spirit; and so God
speaks in you, and whispers to your Spirit, and your Spirit hears His
Voice. Blessed are you therefore if you can stand still from
self-thinking and self-willing, and can stop the Wheel of your
Imagination and Senses for if you do you may arrive eventually to see
the Great Salvation of God being made capable of all Manner of Divine
Sensations and Heavenly Communications. Since it is nought indeed but
your own Hearing and Willing that does hinder you, so that you do not
see and hear God.


Lovella said...

Barbara. . . oh, your photos of autumn glory are amazing. I can smell the leaves. . and feel the crunch. . is there nothing quite as quietening as a walk through cruchy leaves?
Thank you for the lovely collage.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh I remember Epping Forest. It's where I fell in love with the pictures of golden paths past golden trees...delightful!

Your reading selection today is most interesting. I'll have to return and reread any number of times.

Lavinia said...

Hi Barbara. Catching up over here, I see some terrific new look to your blog....Wow, what a bright and beautiful new banner, and now your writing is on the left, instead of the right. A great new let me look around, you always have the best photos....I often use them as my desktop wallpaper..

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely as always. I do so love going on your walks with you, Barbara, especially when we get to have cake!

Winifred said...

Lovely, photographs and CAKE!

Elizabeth said...

Epping at its most lovely.
Thank you for these glorious pictures.
I wote a children's story - part of which is set in Epping Forest.
Maybe I should send it to you?

Sioux said...

Be still and know. . .

Beautiful photo!

willow said...

Your collages are beautiful as well as your post!!

I emailed you the pot roast recipe.:)

Paula said...

I LOVe your new blog header. Really nice. What a great reminder to sit and appreciate Gods splendor.

Bernideen said...

Such beautiful photos of God's Creation and handiwork! Thank you!

Willow said...

I love your new header, Barbara. All those wonderful blooms from your garden!

The collage is fantastic! Thank you for ALL your photos and walks and rambles. I enjoy each one, in each season!

a woman who is said...

I do remember you photo's from last year. I still have some saved (by your permission) to use in my art. They are just lovely!!!

What a wonderful piece of writing on how to be truly still and know God!

Charm and Grace said...

Hello my blog friend. You have truly outdone yourself with these gorgeous photos. I wished that I could supersize each one and just step right in! What a glorious place to experience communion with God and stillness in the splendor of His handiwork. Are the leaves this beautiful every year? Here we are not having the beauty in the changing leaves that we did last year after such a summer drought. We are thankful that we have had rain this year, though!

I really appreciate your checking in on me while I was away. Hope all is well with you and Alan. Your Yorkshire adventure posts were a blast to read through and the pictures as always were fantastic!


Mike said...

Amazing words!

Annie said...

Love the new banner, Barbara and your Fall collage is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Inspiring. The "still still voice of calm" -I try to remember that in the throes of busyness.

Sara said...

That sounds similar to what I read in 100 Days in the Secret Place.

Your photo collage is very lovely...I haven't seen a collage like that before with a large one in the middle framed by many smaller photos. And I remember this post from last year very fact I was just thinking about it the other day . All that golden glowing Autumn color!

I like your new header too.