Saturday, 10 March 2007

A Sense of Spring

It seems that almost every blog I have read today talks of Spring. Spring is in the air! Others are going through difficult times. I just wanted to share this beautiful Orchid with you. It is Spring inside as well as out. My daughter bought this orchid for Mother's Day last year and this is how it looks today, almost a year on. No, it has not stayed in flower all that time, I have been nurturing it in the hope that it would grow another flower and as you see it has.

Once the flower had faded last year I put it on a windowledge in good light, but not full sun. I cut the old stem back to the base and watered it once a week taking care to let it drain well before putting it back in it's pot. As soon as there was evidence of new growth I then watered it once a week with All Purpose Miracle-Grow added to the water. This is the result.

As for Spring I love it. The sense of newness and rebirth. The birds singing. The daffodills and crocuses and the new buds on the trees and shrubs. Spring is in the air - I can sense it, smell it, and of course see it. Very different to Autumn which I love too. Autumn brings a definite mellowness that is not there in the vibrance of Spring. I can hear Autumn too - don't know how, but I can and there is a stillness there that is not evident any other time.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Barbara.
Thanks for visiting my blog and by that leading me over to yours. You have a wonderful blog, and I look forward to come back.
Yes, as you said, it seems like we have many of the same interests.

Carol said...

Hello Barbara and a warm welcome in the blog neighbourhood! So nice to meet you! I love the English countryside and English gardens, roses, cottages etc.! So I'm sure I'll come back here often! Thanks a lot for the very nice comment you've left on my blog! I'm looking forward to see your garden during the seasons, loved the pictures you've posted! It's all very wet here too, we've had so much rain lately, but since Thursday the weather has luckily changed and we're promised a very sunny week ahead. I've did a whole lot of pruning in the garden on Thursday and Friday and yesterday I've planted lot's of Violas, Pansies and Bellis in pots and hanging baskets etc. on my patio/terrace so it looks much more spring like now :D
Have a happy Sunday, hopefully in the garden!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Barbara from Britain, thank you for visiting my blog!
So nice to here from your Country, my second home. In the easter Holidays we will go to Devon and Cornwall again.
But don't wonder - I have a bad back in the moment and can not comment on the blogs, because I should not sit (ich darf nicht sitzen).

Sigrun from Germany

nel said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year and we have just entered into it in Australia. It does have a sort of mellowness about it, a slowing down in preparation for winter. But the days are still beautiful and sunny:-) I love your orchid. Your nurturing has definitely brought out the best in it once more...funny how nurturing does that to things!