Saturday, 19 November 2016

West Mersea Island, Essex (Beach Huts and Boats)

As Winter starts to kick in I'm choosing reminders of Summer.
On a trip to Mersey Island, a little way up the coast from here, nothing much happens outside of beach huts and boats.

All the huts are privately owned and can only be used during the day. No sleeping over allowed. There is a long waiting list at all resorts where they reside and they are expensive.

I'm showing a few of my son's pictures when he went there in the Summer with his camera. I have excluded the photos where there were lots of people lying around half dressed!

All very colourful - these remind me of candyfloss

Looking straight through a hut

One uses a causeway to get here when the tide is in


Needled Mom said...

I love how colorful they are. Day use only??? That's a shame. Is the ship a restaurant?

ellen b said...

Fun huts and great photos of the huts. Some of them do have the look of candy!

Vee said...

Cute little beach huts...not sure what function they serve, but they sure are colorful and cheery.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I am from Manchester but lived in Morecambe for a year. Too soon after the war I think because we had nothing like this. Lucky YOU!

Janneke said...

Beautiful photos of the colourful English beach huts, but the different boats are nice to see too.
Regards, Janneke

Charm and Grace said...

I just love the beach and boats... something about them always reminds me of how small I am and how big God is. :) These little huts are such fun... all the colors. The one photo from an angle with all the huts in a line reminds me of a box of crayons with all its many colors! Lovely post.


Adrienne said...

Those huts are so colorful! I love the view from the huts and I would love to have a boat to relax on the water.

Michael said...

Those beach huts remind me of the colourful ones along Scarborough while we were there the last 4 months taking care of my mother and such. Hope you are well, Barbara, and a very merry Christmas to you. Just popping into to see if you are ok and catching up with my blogger peeps after a long time away.

Ag said...

I love the beach huts and I wonder if there is a rule on which paint colours each owner is allowed to use. They all look well maintained and very clean in their surrounding areas.
Great picture, thank you to your son for these great shots.