Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Marrakesh Candle Lantern Amongst the November Roses and Autumn Leaves

I just love this Marrakesh candle lantern styled on a design used in Morocco for centuries
Apart from the interest they give to the garden they make a good indoor feature too

Fashioned from Antique copper, and glass which also comes in red and green, I think it makes an interesting addition to my garden.
It also has a hanging hook and can be hung from the branch of a tree
I certainly like it in my 'quirky' corner at the bottom of the garden but in Summer time when it is not lit I am sure it will make a good table centre on the large table under the tree or on the edge of a flower bed
I'm glad it looks good indoors too as being copper it cannot be left out in all weathers

Nestling on  the edge of the pond next to the Livingstone daisies that seem to flower all Summer and Winter long
They can be seen here

Roses and Autumn leaves in November

Yes, it is quarter to midnight when I took these pictures, the clock gives me away

I just love the David Austin Strawberry Hill rose where I cannot help stopping whenever I pass to 'smell the roses' - the perfume is divine.
I like them so much that I have 5 bushes and 1 climber in the back and 1 bush in the front
My bushes have grown to 8 - 10 feet this Summer with a spread of 4 - 5 feet. A mixture of upright and arching stems.
When I first re-planted my rose beds I had no idea how large they would grow as for decades I have always had Hybrid Teas
I am not disappointed.
I am now eagerly awaiting delivery of a collection of 8 new bush roses for the bed we have made to replace the large central shrub area at the end of the month 

For now while the weather permits I am bringing Strawberry Hill indoors to savour the perfume

To finish - last but not least, I celebrated my
 75th birthday this week
 and just wonder where those years have gone!
It was good to have my family over for Sunday lunch to celebrate with me 
I'll be back to Brighton posting next time
and trying to make a dent in the hundreds of photos I have to post from throughout the year and even some from 2012!
Plus catching up with all my blogging buddies.


Lorrie said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Barbara! Mine was last week, too.

I have never heard of, or seen, a Marrakesh candle lantern, but oh, how pretty it is with the detailed top and blue glass. It looks lovely indoors or out.
Your Strawberry Hill roses are beautiful, even now in November.

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Barbara! Your roses are gorgeous and your candle holder (can't spell the exotic name...) is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabethd said...

Many happy returns of your birthday!
I haven't tried Strawberry Hill, but if it is perfumed, I think I will love it.

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday! It is hard to believe the time is marching on so fast for us.
Love the candle lantern, just the right touch in your lovely garden.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Barbara!!! The years do fly by, don't they? I turned 53 in September, and my husband will be 53 in December. I'm still having a hard time believing that. :)

Your Marrakesh lantern is charming; I love anything with copper and/or colored glass. Your roses are just lovely! We have one David Austin rose in our yard, the Gertrude Jekyll. It is my favorite shade of pink and has the most wonderful fragrance; I adore it!

I'm sorry I haven't visited recently Barbara; things have been kind of hectic here. I'll look forward to reading your posts about Brighton. :)

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said...

The roses are just going on and on, it is such a treat still having so much colour in the garden. I like your lantern very much.

Adrienne said...

I'm so glad you could celebrate with your family. That lantern is gorgeous! And your roses are beautiful.

Needled Mom said...

Your lantern looks beautiful indoors and out.

I can almost smell the roses from here. They are gorgeous.

I hope the year ahead is wonderful for you.

Anonymous said...

Your Marrakesh Lantern is such a pretty blue color, it will look good in many different settings. I have two lanterns, but not nearly as magical as yours.
You are a true rose grower, I will look forward to seeing the new varieties that you plant next year. Strawberry Hill is beautiful on your windowsill.
Happy 75th Birthday Barbara.

elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday!
Of course, I love the Marrakesh lantern.
I Iove the way the light falls from them -flickering and gorgeous.
The last roses of summer are always extra sweet.

bristowmom said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

As much as I love your posts from around the country (and I do love them) I most love the posts from your own garden. You grow such lovely flowers!

I have a somewhat similar Marrakesh lantern. I purchased it in Taiwan and have no idea of it's origins but I do love how it looks. I never thought of putting it outside. But then again,I don't have a lovely garden to put it in.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy year.

Sara said...

The roses are beautiful and I know the scent is even better! Your little vase with the rosebud pattern really appeals to me. So, I see I'm not the only one up in the middle of the night taking photos! I agree that Marrakesh lanterns are very pretty, and I like them hanging best.

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Birthday Barbara,
May you have many more healthy and happy Birthdays. I just picked the last roses also. It won't be long till Snow Time..
Enjoyed the post. yvonne

Lori Zehr said...

The roses are gorgeous! I usually order a David Austin catalog and enjoy it all winter! The lantern is very pretty too. Thanks for the comments recently!

Cathy said...

I think I would move to Britain just so I could grow roses as beautiful as yours. Our hot, humid summers are not kind to mine.

Do let us know after the storm passes that your son who is Cambodia is OK.