Saturday, 2 June 2012

Still a Way to Go but..........

...............but getting there!

All the slabs under the greenhouse area lifted in order to clear the area and develop a gradual slope 

This Salix Flamingo (top right) not doing well here as soil here rather dry and stony so putting that in a pot on the patio in place of the existing bay tree there which is pot bound and likes a dry situation

This right hand corner where the shed was will wait until last as all these slabs have to be lifted and re-laid.

Alan doing the heavy work (and it is on solid clay) while I do the planting and design within the limits available to me

The Bay Laurel nicely transplanted along with the Lavender and Rosemary in the paved area which still has to be levelled

Some new roses waiting to be planted along the fence

The pond Iris doing well

Some of the roses in the front are in full bloom

At the time of writing husband and son are erecting the new fence so once that is painted with preserver I will be able to plant my new roses along with a climber I have waiting in the wings

Having grandson Oliver coming to stay next week as it is school half-term and Rebekah coming for one night at the end as she does not want to be left out so the garden work will not be a priority

For now it is the beginning of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration  weekend (4 days)
We are having house church out in the street tomorrow morning - a pavement party with pancakes and coffee for whoever wants to join us
I'll be spending the afternoon watching the 1,000 boats of all kinds, current and historic sailing down the Thames with the Queen and her family at the head in the splendid Jubilee boat
I will be watching it on TV in comfort but my son is going to join the thousands of others on the Thames embankments 
I hope he gets near enough to get some good photographs

So many outdoor activities and events planned, I hate it for the Queen that the weather has changed so dramatically and cold, rain and wind is forecast for the whole of the weekend and beyond
So much more noticeable when it drops from the mid-eighties to the upper fifties
Bye for now and enjoy your weekend everyone


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Much work but the rewards will be wonderful! Enjoy your day sweetie.

Vee said...

Ohhhh, I am sorry to learn that the festivities are going to be in rain. Not nice. This is just one of those wet springs. I'm reminding myself that it is still spring.

As a gal who has recently worked with pavers...I hope that Alan paces himself. Those things are heavy!

The roses are beautiful. The garden will be so lovely once your plans have all been carried out. It's lovely now in the middle of them.

Hope that your son does get great photos and that he might allow you to share a few with us.

Have a wonderful week with Oliver and a fine time with the little one who doesn't want to be left out. Of course she doesn't! Smart gal that one...

nikkipolani said...

Boy, I sure don't envy Alan all that lifting and resettling of those slabs. It's interesting to see this corner of your garden being transformed. I like the pockets you've made in the slab for plantings. What's the name of those fluffy yellow roses? They look like they would be quite lovely against your fence.

Sara said...

Your roses are so lovely, Barbara. Sorry about the wet weather for the Queen's celebration...enjoy watching all the action on TV. I wonder if we will see any of it over here...I'm sure a glimpse or to on BBC America at least. Alan is certainly working hard, it's making my back sore thinking about it! Your design is sure to be something wonderful when all is complete.

Patsy said...

The end will be lovely. Love the yellow roses.

Jenny said...

Your roses are lovely, mine are coming out now and smell gorgeous although they are very old.
Jenny x

Susan said...

My, what a big project, but how lovely it is going to be. Love the single plants layed among the stones. Think I'll show this to Mickey!!!! HINT!! How exciting about the Queen and the boats. I would love to see that, but I would watch from the comfort of my home and not want to be in the crowds. Enjoy those 2 sweet grands!!! Exciting about the Church block party, too. This post was FULL of lots of good things. You, like us, do not sit in our rocking chairs in our older years!!!! No way!!! ((hugs)) to you Barbara!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Enjoy your long weekend and the week ahead. I hope they show some of your festivities on our tv stations. Sounds like quite a celebration. Your new part of the garden looks like it will be lovely. I'd never seen a pond Iris before. I do learn about something new every day and that is my something for today. Thank you for sharing.

Grayseasailor said...

Thanks for sharing views of all the good work around you! Blessings to you and yours as you celebrate this weekend.
Gracie <3

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Those roses are just so lovely.
I am looking forward to watching the regatta too, we will get it on TV over here, as the royal family is very beloved by so many here. me included!

Terri said...

Such an interesting garden you have! I see so many different kinds of plants.
You live a very interesting life, too. So much going on! Have fun with Oliver and your daughter.

Cheri said...

You guys are inspiring! It all looks beautiful.

Willow said...

The garden is going to be lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of the finished product.

I understand that we in the US will be able to view the flotilla and other parts of the Jubilee Celebration. In fact, my local tea shop is having a special tea and luncheon on Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

From Canada - I just read about that fleet of ships. Sounds fantastic and wish I could see it. I'm not exactly a Royal Watcher but I do remember the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth when in school. Also remember when we quit singing "God Save the King" as part of our morning exercises at school and switched to "God save the Queen."


Lorrie said...

What a tremendous job you've undertaken. It's going to look so beautiful when completed.

I'll be watching (a replay) of the flotilla tomorrow, too. But our youngest daughter and her husband are currently in London and hope to see the flotilla in person. They will be home on Tuesday and I can hardly wait!

Needled Mom said...

The garden will be just splendid when you are finished.

It is a shame that the weather changed for all of the wonderful festivities. I am enjoying watching the parade of boats as I type.

Mary Ann said...

The garden re-design is coming along well! I would have loved to have watched the Queen's Progression.... rain or no!