Saturday, 3 March 2012

Goodenstone Park Gardens & Village

Here we are back in August during our short adjourn in Kent
We spent the morning strolling around the gardens of Goodenstone Park and it was only when sitting having lunch in the tearooms that I realised I had lost my watch
Certainly not possible to retrace our steps
No big deal except it came right on top of our house break in and stealing of our car

Jane Austen was a frequent visitor here, her brother marrying a daughter of the house

Had an interesting entrance to this place
We did as we were told and diligently followed the sat nav.
We were initially aware of being stared at by some horse riders but thought nothing of it
Next we thought it strange that we had to stop at various gates and open them to get through and yes we did carefully close them behind us
It wasn't until we landed at this front door that we realised our navigation system had sent us in via. the family's private entrance!

The walled garden dates back to the 17th century

Some pretty gardens in the village as we left (by the right exit)

It's early afternoon so we are now off to Walmer Castle on the coast so will bring you pictures to enjoy in my next post


Annie said...

Oh where, oh where to look first? The garden wall is fabulous. It leads into a Secret Garden, for sure.

Lovely tidbit about Jane Austen. So nice to be able to see a place where she walked on a regular basis.

Za faran said...

The houses and the gardens look right out of fairy tales. They are so beautiful.

Sara said...

The home looks very familiar...the front entrance...I'm sure I saw something just like it in one of the Jane Austen movies, perhaps the one with Emma Thompson...

The gardens are so beautiful...and you have me wishing for August! Those long, bright, warm days.

Cheri said...

Simply gorgeous!

Terri said...

Such a beautifully sunny day you had there! Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's a beautiful place!

Needled Mom said...

Private family member entrance??? What a thrill that must have been.

It is gorgeous and the gardens are breathtaking.

Vee said...

Oh that might have been a little embarrassing to be sure...going in through the private family quarters. I think it's funny that no one said anything. Guess you looked harmless enough.

I had hoped that you were going to say that you had found your watch in closing. How's the new one?

Lorrie said...

How fun to imagine Jane Austen taking a turn about that garden.

And I can imagine you would have been a little red-faced to have gone in the wrong entrance. However, I'm sure it happens occasionally.

So sorry about your watch - you've had a lot of upsetting things happen lately, haven't you?

Merisi said...

Thank you for this lovely, lovely walk and reminder of the beautiful seasons ahead of us!

Midwest to Midlands said...

How nice to see those summer pictures and gardens full of flowers. You had your share of bad luck so I think you are do for some good things to happen this year!

Diane said...

OH, how spectacular. My favouite garden is that one with the picket fence in front. SO colourful.

Something about the shape or colour of the home reminds me of the front of Kensington Palace.

Thanks for the note this morning. It prompted me to get back to blogging!


CherryPie said...

That is a place I haven't been, it looks like I have been missing out.

I have been to Walmer though, so I look forward to seeing your photos.

bristowmom said...

How funny! (Your entrance.) did the family invite you to tea? :-)

Cathyjo said...

Ever so lovely,can never thank you enought for shareing.