Saturday, 18 June 2011

London on an April Sunday Pt. 7

 Well I did say in my last post that we would walk up 
The Strand
As it happens I will be showing you some views on The Strand
but not in  the right order.
Using blogger's  facility to upload photos in one go has not worked for me today. They are not in the order that I uploaded and I do not want to start again.

At this point we have parked the car in the morning and come into the grounds of Somerset House (where all records are kept) 

to enjoy a coffee before we begin our day
We finished here at the end of the day too enjoying afternoon tea.
The teatime photos can be seen later on in this post
There are two good restaurants in the main buildings, one overlooking The Thames but these are not open on Sundays

Cou*tt's the royal jewellers

A little of theatreland

The Savoy Hotel
the only time I have been in here was to have supper with American friends after the theatre.
My husband and another male member of our party were not wearing a suit jacket so had to wear the hotel's red jackets.
Red of course to make sure one did not walk out with them
Wished I had my camera with me that night

A well known gentleman's club now used as a restaurant

Strand Palace Hotel

More of theatre land  

Afternoon tea
I had Lavender cake and Alan had 
his usual Carrot cake

The Royal Courts of Justice

St. Paul's Cathedral in the background

So as you can see The Strand has a lot of variation 
and much more than I have shown you
The Whittard of Chelsea teashop I will keep for a separate post 
Still a lot more to post on this one day in April


talesfromagarden said...

Lovely photos taken on a sunny day!Afternoon tea looks scrumptious!At least your husband and friend were allowed into the Savoy,we were refused admission to Harrys Bar on a holiday to Venice because my husband was wearing shorts and shirt,it was a scorcher of a day there and we were only on a day trip from Lake Garda,but no alternative was offered!

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it odd being a tourist/tour guide in one's own country?
I have not been to the Savoy since my brother's 21st birthday in 1968!

I must say you have an unerring eye for the best cakes.
London is so amazingly clean these days.
Always a bit of a surprise.
And to think if I actually lived there still I could have a
"Freedom Pass" and zoom all over the place.

Trisha said...

Barbara, how nice it is to travel with you through London, via your blog. I feel like we've shared a very nice walk, and afternoon tea.
Blessings from Kentucky.

Bernideen said...

Oh those cakes look fabulous- had folks in my store from Suffolk this week- very nice couple enjoying the pound to the dollar! This post was lovely as always!

Needled Mom said...

The pictures are so lovely, Barbara. I can just imagine Alan in that red coat. Talk about sticking out in a crowd!!!! I am enjoying the London walk with you.

I have been using the LiveWriter to do my blogs of late because Blogger is just not playing nicely.

baroness said...

Enjoyed seeing the pic of the Strand Palace Hotel, where I stayed last week. I was really pleased with my room, new, neat and clean.
And I loved the location for Somerset house, Charing Cross, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. I'll be back here soon, I hope.

a woman who is said...

Lovely tour...the cakes look yummy=)

Martha said...

Great photos and brings back good memories of our time spent last month in London!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Pretty amazing to see St. Paul's Cathedral from that angle.
Its all so very grand! I feel I would need a red jacket just to walk along the strand.

Vee said...

When Alan finds something he enjoys, there's no need for him to switch it out. ☺

Lovely tour...I have heard so much about The Strand and now feel as if I know more about it.

(Sorry about the ongoing Blogger difficulties. Seems we're all having them.)

Suz said...

Barbara, it is so fun to see all these sights that I've just seen for the first time! Lovely!