Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Different Take

A different take on the Royal wedding!
Blogs seem to be full of pictures of the wedding so I thought I would do something different.
The now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a quiet weekend away in a secret location before returning to work next week. Honeymoon postponed as William has to return to his Air Force duties as a search and rescue pilot.
He is based on the Isle of Anglesey, off the North Coast of Wales and he and Catherine live in a cottage there while he is still in service.
It reminds me of a 'memorable moment' in my life.

Anglesey in 30 miles long and we see here the furthermost tip of the island.
At the age of 18 (when I lived in the North West) myself and 3 friends, when on a day trip to Anglesey, decided to sleep out in the open on the cliffs under the stars.

photos taken from the TV screen
We had nothing to lay our heads on but the bracken, seen here in the foreground. I remember drinking water dripping out of the rocks and also remember a nasty tummy upset when I arrived home the next day.
The things one does when young.

What makes this island so appealing to the newly married couple is that they can have the privacy not afforded to them on the mainland.

A little known fact connected with the wedding is that on the previous evening both the Princes William and Harry went out onto the Mall to greet and shake hands with the public and also arranged for large urns of tea and coffee to be served to them. William's idea apparently.

As for the wedding itself, I loved every minute of it, including the run up.
I prepared lunch immediately after breakfast and put it in the fridge so that I could watch TV from  8.30 am until 3.30 pm when William and  Catherine left the Palace to have a rest time at Clarence House before the evening reception. Good to see William driving his new wife in Prince Charles Aston Martin (decorated by Harry).
It gave a very fun and human touch.
I was very impressed with the wedding address to the couple by the Bishop of London
Loved the avenue of trees inside the abbey
and the hats were something else!
I could not imagine a more classic and beautiful dress
I probably will not be around when they become King and Queen but I have no doubt they will do our country proud.

For accuracy sake - have just seen in media that William & Kate will have a honeymoon in an undisclosed island in the Indian Ocean later in May. 


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I thought they were adorable when I saw a rerun of the wedding. I liked that he told her she looked beautiful! Enjoyed the post!

Mmm said...

Oh that is a great take on the whoel thing. I didn't even know where Angelsey was exactly.

Yes, the wedding was beautiful. I didn't realise W adn Harry had coffee adn tea served. that is so good--maybe they will be more in touch with the population at large. I certainly hope so. It seems to me William has grown up alot for his bratty, partying younger days. I hope he adn KAte are indeed royal and all indications seem to suggest so. Loved their prayer, didn't you?

Needled Mom said...

I wish that we had the complete coverage like that. We got to see the kisses and then it was on to other news, but I have to agree with was perfect. She seems to be a positively charming gal and he appears to be less like his father (thankfully). I LOVED the sermon preached to them and I felt their readings were excellent, but the hats ----OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!

Vee said...

This community that they live in seems so private and austere. I can imagine that they enjoy being "normal" there. There was quite a piece on our news about the area with interviews of the shopkeepers and a tour of the grocery store where Kate actually shops. I found it fascinating and I find your time spent there fascinating, too. Sleeping under the stars...

It makes me smile to think of all those in Britain who will be praying for these young people. May they do the country great good.

Willow said...

On my NEXT visit to England, I hope to travel to Wales (well, one can dream anyway). I've been enjoying your tour of London posts!

Trisha said...

Great post Barbara! Love the beautiful pictures and different perspective. Thanks for sharing.
Have a Blessed day!

becky up the hill said...

Lovely to hear your point of view. Your over-nite on the island with bracken as your pillow..what a great memory, tummy upset and all. Yes those trees were so magical. I loved them. Thanks for sharing, this is the first place I've heard about the tea and coffee served in the large urns. Sweet! These kinds of details make me smile. Oh and I didn't know that we Americans and you pronouce 'mall' so differently. Another fun item!

Lorrie said...

What a fun little tidbit about Anglesey Island. You always come up with an interesting twist on what's current.
I did manage to hear the Bishop's address - it was very meaningful and I hope some of those who heard it took it to heart.

What a weekend!

kreativehaende said...

Hello Barbara,
I too, have watched the wedding on TV und I was deeply impressed by the procedure. William and Kate look like all modern young people do and they seem to be very "natural". Thank you for showing some fotos from anglesy- it seems to be really lonely there...
The hats of the female guests were partially very funny...
kind regards from Germany

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I wish the Royal couple all the best. Yes, I too thought the Bishop of London gave a very good wedding address.

Balisha said...

Hi Barbara...It was fun to get your perspective on the wedding also some inside things that we didn't get from the TV coverage.I happened to love the little hats that sat on the side of the lady's heads. What fun, the guests must have had shopping for the pretty clothes in such bright colors.There were a few that were over the top.

talesfromagarden said...

Hi Barbara,I too watched the wedding until around it was all over,and what a day it was!The bride could not have chosen a more beautiful dress she was every inch a princess!William really played the part of the new husband so thoughtful and caring!
They will be great ambassadors for England no doubt in the future,they would like as normal a life as is possible I think. I wonder how big is the cottage?A change from Buckingham palace no doubt!

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely fantastic!
A great point of view!!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

Lori Zehr said...

Loved your post! I once slept under the stars on the beach of Lake Michigan while at church camp. Unforgettable! I enjoy your blog so much and thanks for giving information that we don't often hear on the news. Lovely.

Joyce said...

I loved "your take" on all things Royal Wedding. HA! I have wondered about Anglesey, and thought about "why" they both are so thrilled to be living there.

But I concluded in my heart that which you stated as well....that there they can have the secluded privacy that they will never find in the years to come once they move back to London.

Anonymous said...

was indeed a fabulous day, like you, I sat glued to the TV although quite a few folk I knew had gone up the night before and camped out!!! NO more comfortable in front of the TV with a cuppa :))

La Petite Gallery said...

That gown was perfect and so was the wedding. Interesting they went
out in the public like that. He impresses me very much. I hope he takes the Throne soon. Hoping Charles will hand the crown to him.


Pomona said...

I loved seeing all the frocks and hats, I must admit - I think it was the best RW that I have seen to date - they looked so happy!

Pomona x

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you for the Angelsey information...I had not realized it is an island until I read your post! I, too, enjoyed the wedding on was a lovely and refreshing moment in which to pause and enjoy something beautiful and wish them the midst of all the troubles in this world today.

Bernideen said...

Thanks for all the great information here - totally enjoyed my visit!