Thursday, 18 November 2010

The New Face of Shopping

I wonder, do we really need or want to be shopping in the dark!

Whilst pretending to look outside onto the waves rolling in on a Californian beach

Then there is the sewing machine shop! 
No! just a guise to draw attention

To what is inside

Spotted these new stores while visiting our favourite shopping mall last week.
The only downside to this mall for us is that it is the other side of the River Thames.
The lesson in this story is to take note of the weather forecast before travelling.
The gales and highwinds forecast where enough to necessitate the closing of the bridge whilst we were there.

It took two and a half hours of queueing to just get onto the M25 when we left in order to go through the tunnel to get back northside. We could not move in any direction as everywhere was gridlocked.
Very different to the trip we made 2 days earlier taking 25 minutes to get home at
7.30 pm in normal weather


Elizabethd said...

What a very odd shopping system! It wouldnt intrigue me, I prefer to see what I'm buying.

Needled Mom said...

What an interesting shopping experience - both the shopping AND the journey!!!! Those sewing machines looked very interesting until I read it was a guise. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara, Shop window displays and interior fittings have become almost works of art in some instances. However, although in Budapest designer stores have occupied the most prestigious shopping streets, there are still many shops whose windows resemble those to be seen on every street in the 1950s!! I keep thinking that I must make an archive of them before they disappear without trace.

Sara said...

What a fascinating use of old sewing machines! I like it.

That first shop looks amazingly familiar, but I've never walked into one here because of the very loud music coming out of it! I need earplugs if I'm going inside....oh, and I spy an American flag hanging in there too. Interesting.


Patsy said...

Hello Barbara
I hope all is well with you and family.
It is gettig that time of the year that our malls will be full of Christmas cheer-- oh! they changed it to holiday cheer.
It will always be Christ mas to me.

Lorrie said...

Shopping in the dark isn't appealing to me at all. I like to see what I'm purchasing.

What a trip you had - did you sing to pass the time?

Vee said...

In the dark? I've never seen a store like that and it looks as if it originates in my country. Good grief! So what did you and Alan do whilst waiting all that time? It would be a great time to have a nice, long conversation.

Marcia said...

We have Hollister stores in our local malls. My two daughters are in the age group that wears their clothing. I can't stand the loud music they blare in their American stores, and the dim light just seems ridiculous to me. Before Christmas I sometimes venture in to see if I can find something marked down to a reasonable price as a gift for the girls, but I don't enjoy the experience. Apparently I'm not their target audience? ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got back safely eventually Barbara. What a 'mare of a journey.

I'm glad there is a use for all those sewing machines. What a history must be there!

Joyce said...

So I see you all have a new "Hollister" store in your area.
Thank GOD my Holister days are over now that my children have grown up and aren't teens anymore. This store is the RAGE to all American teens....and now the British ones too apparently.
It's a VERY expensive store (we shopped the sales of course) and LOUD music playing in there...
I always just sat in the comfy chairs and observed people and let my kids shop. HA!