Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Week Without a Connection!

No Internet for a Week!!! My server down then problems with wireless, but did have a beautiful sky after a storm and the pleasure of Oliver and Rebekah for a day, plus their Mum & Dad of course.

I also got to play with my new camera.I do hope I figure it all out before it’s time to update it. Updated my old one before I got to that point. It’s tiny and fits easily into my handbag and it has 14 megapixels and 10 x optical wide zoom whereas the old one has 6 megapixels and 5 x optical zoom. Lots of other features too and of course half the price.

Could not resist a snap in the conservatory at Pilgrims Hall, just one corner as people were having afternoon tea and not everyone wants to see their face on the internet.

Not having a connection had other compensations too. Lots of missing buttons sewn back on, back windows washed, kitchen cupboards all nice and clean and current chores in garden finished, all the things I have been putting off.

Don’t want to admit how much I have missed it though. Felt like something of me was missing. E-mails (some important), blogging, facebook, Google, not to mention my blogging friends – how did we ever manage before? Could not even access the manual for my new camera – that’s on line too.

I had also hoped to ask my dear blogging friends to add my name to your prayer lists. Alan is doing fine and in fact symptom wise better than before his emergency. Lots of prayer and his first time ever on medication. For me, I am having abdominal and pelvic scans tomorrow (Sunday 11th) and an ECG on Tuesday. All prayer appreciated and thanking you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara, How dreadful to be without your computer for so long. I do understand that feeling of being bereft which is, of course, foolish. As you say, how did one manage in the past?

Your new camera looks and sounds very scientific and I am sure that you will have much pleasure from it. I love how you can just pop it in your handbag.

I am so very sorry to hear that you are having to undergo tests. My thoughts are with you both at this very difficult time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

For some reason I'm having trouble leaving a comment as I get a notice service unavailable so I hope this doesn't post twice. It was good to see all your lovely pictures and to know Alan is doing well. You will be in my prayers as you go through those scans. I do hope all is well. Take care!

Vee said...

Barbara, I did wonder where you were! No internet explains everything. When I was without a computer for so many months, I thought that the "missing" Blogland would abate. It never did. Guess that says something about this new time we're living in. Still, it is exciting to get a lot of things done that have needed doing.

Yes, I will certainly be keeping you in prayer. I'm so glad that Alan is feeling even better than he did before. The Lord is so faithful to us.

Could the grands be any cuter? I think not!

Yay for a new camera. Have a lot of fun with it as I know very well that you will. Yup. Take lots and lots of pictures for us!

Deanna said...

Dear Barb, Will be praying for you.

Your Grandchildren are precious!

Isn't it something to have cameras the size that they are and can carry them with ease.

God bless,

Sara said...

Let me know how you like your new camera....I still use my original digital, which I like, but would really love something smaller like yours!

You were in my thoughts and prayers today. Good to hear Alan is doing so well.

Susan said...

Lovely pictures. The internet service going down is almost like the power going off!!!!! Yes, many of us are she raises her hand!!!

Adrienne said...

I'm catching up after a week of vacation. Praying for you - for health and for peace. Loved the sweet photos of your wonderful grandchildren. What treasures they are!

Needled Mom said...

Of course you have my prayers, Barbara.

The children are just adorable and I know how much you must have enjoyed their visit. They are growing much too quickly.

Isn't it amazing what we find doing with the internet? Our lives now feel so incomplete when we are without that connection. It is nice to have time to catch up on other things though.

It seems like technology is outdated before we even get the product home, but I know that you will love your new little camera.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I haven't been visiting here for a long time...and it's good to catch up.

I laughed about all you many to accomplished with no internet access. It's a wonderful hobby...this blogging...but other things get put on the back-burner!

Sorry to hear of your health problems...and hope all went well with your tests. Will think of you in prayer.

Enjoy your new camera!

a woman who is said...

The babies are growing up.
The gardens are lovely.
Great info about oak trees.
Love the picture of Alan taking a nap in the middle of a glorious English garden.

Praying for you and good test results!