Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Weaned Onto Catfood!!

Here's little Grand daughter Rebekah with a broken arm at 16 months but still managing to pull the cat food out of the cupboard

And the squirrel who thinks he is a bird

and my new little rockery garden in place of the two dead shrubs I just pulled out

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Vee said...

Oh did I miss how Rebekah broke her arm? Goodness! Do you not feed her? Ha!

(My daughter broke her arm at 2[tripped on a croquet wicket] and my son had broken both his right[fell while climbing] and left [fell off stationery bicycle] arm by the age of 4. I had hoped that they were the only little ones to do such things.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara, How really sad to see your grand-daughter with an arm in plaster. But, as the picture shows, she appears to be coping very well indeed. One does wonder what the fascination of tins of cat food can be for someone so young?!!

bennie and patsy said...

Poor baby hope she will be okay and I sure like your little rock garden.

Elizabethd said...

Mmmm, cat food is obviously very special!
What a pretty rock garden you have created in your granite trough.

Deanna said...

As a little boy my oldest son ate dog biscuits when at a friend's house...he turned out alright.
May your sweet granddaughter heal nicely.
God bless and praying for your husband,

Kate said...

Oh bless her - still with the resilience of youth she can still find things to amuse her - nice rockery garden Barbara and such good news about Alan!
My thoughts are with you!!

Keep smiling!
Peace and Love

Balisha said...

That picture of your grand daughter is so cute.
I love your rockery garden. It will grow by leaps and bounds once the plants get acclimated.

Adrienne said...

Bless her little heart - she knows she hungry and you have to find something you can do with one hand! Guess the cat food seems just right! She's so cute.

a woman who is said...

Oh poor baby girl!!!! She is even lugging around that huge icepack under her cast. Looking at it again, maybe it is not an icepack, just something to help her keep it in position.

I am glad it is not slowing her down too much =]

I adore your new rockery garden planter.

I was just thinking I should take some pictures of my garden, things are going crazy out there!

Elizabeth said...

Poor Rebekah!
What did she do to herself?

It's amazing how energetic and resilient children are. Do hope she is doing OK .........and all the rest of you.

One of my childhood friends lived in Coggeshall, so good to visit again!

La Petite Gallery said...

What a cute photo. I have a squirrel that is living in my birdhouse.
My heart is broken seeing that tiny
sweet babe with a cast. Hope it heals fast.