Wednesday, 21 April 2010

And on the Seventh Day...........

And on the seventh day the planes came back - well not too many as yet but the odd drone in the sky. As we heard the first one I ran like a child to the window - sad! With aircraft and staff in all the wrong places, and the back-log to clear, it is still going to be quite some time yet before people can get home. Many are still taking boats, coaches and taxis to seaports in Europe in the hope of getting a ferry or train back to the UK.

Reminds me of our time in 1961 when we tried to get to a town North of Barcelona taking 2 days by taxi, coach, plane, train, coach. This was because we were going to a place not yet on the tourist map. Our son is enjoying his time in Tangiers planning to get a ferry back to Spain tomorrow for a much hoped for flight next Sunday. So in the end some people are having adventures but for most it is a traumatic time.

We had a pleasant but cold day celebrating Bekah's birthday last Friday at P*aradise Park. A Zoo where children can get up close to the animals as well as enjoy so many different kind of play areas and activities. I am not going to bore you with lots of pictures of animals etc. but thought the above funny. Unfortunately the birthday girl was a little under the weather and slept in her buggy for most of the visit but Oliver was having a brilliant time. He was so pleased to get a hole in one on the first tee playing crazy golf. Neither his Dad nor Grandad managed that.

A majestic family

Not sure what this one was called

I do not know a child that does not enjoy a ride on Thomas

Springtime added to the enjoyment for me

Bekah feeling much better back home later in the day. Think this is precious.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A lot of people will be very thankful that the planes are flying again. The pictures of your birthday outing are delightful. I agree about Thomas the train...all of the little ones seem to enjoy it here too.

Linds said...

I can't believe she is one already, Barbara! Amazing. Lovely photos, and I can't see any planes in the sky yet. I keep looking and wondering if I will ever see empty skies again. So different!

Adrienne said...

On the seventh day - God rested. And the people were tired of resting and waiting and anxious to get going again! Loved the zoo photos. My favoite is the last one! ~Adrienne~

Elizabethd said...

How sweet! I'm glad she felt better.

It must be very odd having planes in the air again, I'm sure you havent missed the noise!

Needled Mom said...

That IS a precious picture of the two of them. Sorry to read that the birthday girl did not feel well for her special day out.

I know how strange it was to see the first plane in the sky after they had been banned following the 9/11 attacks. We just get so used to seeing and hearing them until they are gone.

It has been such a disaster for so many. The financial hit has been tremendous.

Annie said...

Merkaats are so curious, always up and checking things out. Nothing shy about the little guys. The lions are another matter though. I can almost see the thought bubble of the male's head - Oh no! Another camera! Quick, look away. Look bored.

bennie and patsy said...

Hope your son gets home soon. God can sure put us on hole sometimes.
Sorry birthday girl was feeling bad.

Catsngrams said...

I cannot imagine what some people have gone through. The news has shown some pictures of the airports and I just felt so sad for them. I am glad that they are flying again and people can get where they need to be. Great birthday photos. Little ones are such a blessing they keep us young

Deanna said...

Dear Barb,
Your grandchildren are precious!
What a sweet age they are. Fills your heart with joy.

I like the majestic family. They look alot lighter in color than other Lions I've seen. I think these you have picture here are very pretty.

God bless and have a great week,

Vee said...

Oh that last one needs framing! Sounds like a good day all in all. I'll be keeping an ear out on Oliver since he's already hitting holes in one. Good grief! That must've made you all laugh.

My prayer has been that each and every person waylaid by this event found something significant in the result. What a nice adventure for your son! Some people are better at seeing the adventure, aren't they?!

Anonymous said...

Yes Spring is so pretty. Looks like they both had a lovely day at the zoo. My son was train mad as a preschooler.

Balisha said...

Love the pictures of your grandchildren. Aren't they fun? Just watched the news and they showed a helicopter flying into the crater. The ash cloud is supposed to be better, but it looked pretty scary to me.

Kate said...

Lovely children Barbara!!! and beautiful big cats!

a woman who is said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us, and keeping us caught up on all the mess with the air traffic. I can't believe it is still going on.

Lovely pictures of the babies :)