Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Secret Scripture and More

This is a novel that I think worth mentioning. I know that everybody's tastes are different but this book really impacted me. I normally only read novels in bed so it takes me quite some weeks to get through one.During the day my reading is more things like biographies, travel, spiritual, informative etc., etc. However I could not put this book down and read it in less than a week. Alan read it in 3 days and when it comes to reading he is hard to please.

Although a novel it felt real while reading and I got so emotionally involved with Roseanne, and the author's ability to have one see into the mind of an isolated 100 year old that I could feel it physically. She brings out a simlicity of life that is unimaginable these days. Although painful reading at times, it was also a testimony to the power of the human spirit and very uplifting and I did not want it to end. Added to that the story is based in the history of Southern Ireland which makes it all so much more real. The following is the cover promotion.

"The mental hospital where psychiatrist Dr. Greene works is about to shut down, and he sets about investigating the history of his patient Roseanne. She was committed there as a young woman and now - her records long lost - is nearing her hundredth birthday. At the same time, Roseanne is looking back on the tragedies and passions of her life through a secret journal: her turbulent childhood in rural 1930's Ireland, and the subsequent marriage which she believed would finally bring her hapiness. When Dr Greene finally uncovers the circumstances of her arrival at the hospital, it leads to a secret that will shock them both"
Now for a little update on life here. We have for the last week or so been experiencing some severe rain storms with gales and even higher wind gusts. Yesterday afternoon looking out of the window was like sitting in a car wash! Overnight the wind gusts are forecast for 70 m.p.h. Not so pleasant as the dark days necessitate having the lights on indoors all day. However compared with the weather in Cumbria (Lake District), we are very fortunate and have nothing to complain about.
The flooding there is causing great distress among the population whose homes and businesses are wrecked. Ten feet of flood water at its worst and bridges collapsed making everyday travel difficult. Our prayers go out to these people.
For something entirely different exciting things are happening here. Well not exciting in the general scheme of things but I am pleased. During Alan's working life as an Engineer Surveyor he was based at home and used what was originally a small 5th bedroom as an office. About 30 years ago we decided to turn this room into another bathroom and Alan moved his 'office' into our integral garage which had only ever been a store room and 'house overflow'.
At the time he placed a large formica counter on top of a filing cabinet and storage draws to use as a desk with plans to fit it properly and turn it into a long desk the length of the wall.
Did it ever happen? Well yes, a week ago and almost 30 years later! Of course having been retired now for 16 years it has made a nice working and extra storage area. So much easier to clean under too. I wonder if this is a record or do other bloggers have similar stories?
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Needled Mom said...

The book sounds really good, Barb. I am going to have to look it up.

We have heard about the incredible rains in the Lake District and have seen the pictures of the devastation. My prayers go out to all the residents who have suffered so much loss.

Yes, some projects will last for years and years. We tend to "make do" with situations until we get a creative bug to accomplish it. Hope that Blogger will cooperate soon so you can post some pictures of it. Are your settings set for the new blogger? I was having such a fit with uploading my pictures and someone suggested I check my settings. They apparently changed it and I was unaware.

Willow said...

Because I don't watch news I hadn't heard about the flooding in England. I am so sorry to hear of the devastation.

We would be pleased to share some of your rain. After six months, we still have had only one mild rainstorm.

Hurray for finishing home projects, no matter how long they take! Greetings to Alan from us!

Elizabethd said...

What an interesting book that sounds, you can imagine the history of the patient over such a long period of time.

Lorrie said...

I'll concur with the other comments about the book sounding very interesting.
We've been seeing pictures of the Cumbria flooding on the television and our hearts go out to those people. We have had some flooding about 40 kilometres north of us here, as well, property damaged but no life lost.
And, like you, the dark rainy days have meant lights on all day long.

blessings to you,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That book does sound good. I'll have to look for it. I'm writing the name down right now so I don't forget. Oh yes, I do have many of those kind of projects that have been hanging around forever...someday they'll get done.

If I have my choices between a good book and finishing a project, I'll take a book anytime. That is my problem.

My prayers too go out to those devastated by all the floods.

Winifred said...

That looks an interesting read, thanks for the info.

Although we aren't too far from the Lake District we have had nothing like their weather. I think we're experiencing the first real effects of the severe damage to the global environment. Pray that it stops raining soon to give them a chance to recover.

Deanna said...

Sounds like a great book.

The Garage Project is finally completed and you can take a breather!

If my memory serves me right, you're familiar with Oral Roberts/ORU. Do you know of Billy Joe Daughtery? He passed away from cancer on Sunday. Stunned.

God bless,

talesfromagarden said...

hi Barbara,
Read this book a while ago too and found it unputdownable!!
I think you start getting the plot towards the end but its still a shock when it happens!So sad and tragic.
We are suffering here in the south of ireland with severe flooding too but not as bad as Cockermouth in Cumbria which we have been following on sky news here!
Stay safe

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...


Seems to be a good book-I will see if I can get it here in the States.

I have been keeping up with the floods in Cockermouth (BBC.COM). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who lives in the area-I hope they can overcome the flood and rebuilt. Seem to be a beautiful place.

Tracy :)

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

It's my first visit to your blog and I will be back! I'm going to try and order the book, sounds delightful! We've had the storms here in Washington State as well, with the high winds. This week's forecast is at least less windy, but alas...rainy.

bennie and patsy said...

We have been getting way to much rain for the farmers this year.Today there was a funny cartoon on the Opinion page in the news paper. This farmer is standing in the field in boots with water covering his crops looking at the news paper and looked up and said (so they found water on the moon HUH?! Then he looks up and said Great!Just what we need more water.

Paula said...

When I do find time to read, that one will be first on my list and then The Shack.
Its been fun reading and catching up on your blog posts. I love the places you go. The afternoon tea sounds lovely. My Mom (who is English too) used to make cucumber sandwiches a lot...YUM-O

Kate said...

The book sounds fascinating Barbara - My father came from Southern Ireland and I have always had felt the pull 'home' when I have been in Wales!

Good to know you are getting your house in order - mine is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge!

Linda said...

I saw the flooding on TV the other day. How awful that must be. I'm going to look for that book-sounds good.

a woman who is said...

The book sounds like a good read Barbara. I only read in bed too. Usually to fall asleep, so my reading is slow. But it works for me.

Sorry about your crazy weather.

We have projects running on three years now. Lucky we move often enough that the thirty year list never really gets there.

Josie Ray said...

So glad that you're safe in the storm!

Thank you for sharing your book recommendation. I don't normally read modern fiction, but will definitely take a peek into this one next time I'm in Borders Books.

disa said...