Monday, 25 August 2008

Knaresborough,Yorkshire Pt 1

It is our first full day in Yorkshire and we are visiting places close to 'home.' We began with this pretty town of Knaresborough as we wanted to visit Mother Shipton's cave, (You may remember I posted on this some time ago) and it is only 4 miles away. It will leave us time later in the day to visit Plumpton Rocks and Sopporth Castle. First though I will show you some scenes of the town and take you to Mother Shipton's cave in the next post.

We walked along the gorge to the cave, snapping shots of the town on the opposite side of the river as we went. You will see lots of interesting detail if you double click.

The black and white chequered building we see here dates from the 1100's. It was built around an ancient tree which supported the roof. It was used as a Hunting Lodge by King John and later given by James I to his son Charles who used it as a Fishing Lodge. Charles I met Oliver Cromwell at the house, and in the Oak Room, signed the treaty of Capitulation ending the Civil War.

An upside down house
or maybe it is just pure reflection!

St. John's church sits high above the river Nidd and incorporates architecture dating from the Norman period. We will be visiting there for afternoon tea after we have crossed the river and walked up to the town.

A Chinese Restaurant
with the local chequered stone

We are across the river now and walking up the hill
Just look at the small depth of this house built into the rock

Windows were filled in a few centuries ago to save on taxes
but look at the inovative artwork
Did you think there were 4 windows?
I did on first looking

We are sitting on the terrace at the back of the church hall and looking down on to the river and over to the viaduct

All home made by the church folks


willow said...

Charming pictures! It's amazing how much older your places are than ours. And this last photo is making me so hungry! :)

bennie and patsy said...

I enjoyed each picture. It looks like someone is in the tree in the frist picture, on the left.

bennie and patsy said...

Barbara I just read your life story and we are not only the same age. I was also a Massage Therapist for 20 years and a Christian from age 10.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hmmmm, lovely and yummy looking cakes! I enjoyed the window art and all the lovely buildings, but my favorite photo is of the middle-aged couple in the boat. Totally charming!

nanatrish said...

What beautiful pictures and a wonderful looking town. You live in a great country and I hope to return there someday. I loved the checkered buildings. So very different. You always have the greatest posts.

Charm and Grace said...

Beautiful vistas and photos. Love the blue-bottomed and red trimmed boats and all the reflections in the water. And those desserts... yummmm!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a delicious looking tea! Thanks for taking me along on your trip, I loved the photos. And the hill really are steep, aren't they?

Willow said...

I am enchanted AGAIN! I love the photos of the houses as you can imagine. The viaduct is really high. Is it still in use?

Off to grab my map of England and find Knaresborough.

Linda said...

Those black and white checked buildings are certainly different. I've never heard of that cave.

willow said...

I just noticed your lovely prayer of St. Teresa on your sidebar. I love that. I have a St. Teresa statue on my kitchen window sill.

Anonymous said...

very nice pictures! I want you all the best

Judy said...

Beautiful places...thanks for sharing! And the desserts look yummy...those church ladies should make a cookbook.

Elizabeth said...

I had never seen the checkerboard houses before - how fascinating they are.
I think the cakes look delicious...Greetings from New York

zetor said...

Lovely photos Barbara.Looks an interesting place, I have visited many moons ago but can't remember much unfortunately. Did you have the coffee cake or cherry? lol

Sara said...

I really, really LOVED these photos. What a charming town...of course, I looked at all the pix in large format and gave much thought to which house I would want to live in....I haven't quite decided yet.

I thought it was humorous that the woman was rowing and the man was enjoying the ride on the river ... or maybe they were taking turns.

All those checkered houses gave the place some added charm. (I like the way you spell chequered better than our American spelling...)

I'll take the cherry cake with my tea, please.

Paula said...

I like those paintings that are over the windows. Really neat.

Knitting Mania said...

These photo's are gorgeous you are so blessed to have the opportunity to see such lovely places where you live.

I'm so amazed as I look at where other's live around the world.

Just beautiful!

Barbara Jacksier said...

I have been enjoying your trip. So much history and gorgeous photos, too.

Lavinia said...

You've had a lovely busy summer, haven't you, Barbara....

Anonymous said...

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