Monday, 18 February 2008

A Day with Oliver

Last week was extremely busy with numerous engagements as well as gardening
but Friday was one of Grandma's special days
We went to our daughter Jane's and took Oliver out of nursery for the day
With so many Grandmothers doting over their Grandchildren on their blogs
I thought I would join in
This is 18 month old Oliver learning to play cricket
My son Peter is a great cricket fan, both playing in a team and
watching England play around the world when possible
He is a good player and at the age of 15 was offered a sponsored course at
our county cricket ground
So it was inevitable that he would buy a minature cricket bat for his nephew
These bats are bought in order to have famous cricketers sign them
Here Jane is showing him how to hold it (don't let Peter see!!)

He's excited

He's enjoying it but he will have to learn not to sit down

This was his latest artistic endeavour from nursery

And this is Peter


Sara said...

You have a very good looking family...and even better, I can tell they are lots of fun to be with!

A Woman Who is: said...

You have an adorable grandson. Glad we got to see more of him.
I am way behind on your blog, on everyone’s really. The last few weeks have been busy, and I haven't even stepped into the garden yet. But it is time to start pruning, I can't wait. I love spring cleaning in the garden. (Hate it the house). But alas I am heading out of town tomorrow, so next week will be the garden. I will get caught up here in a bit though. I was thinking of you today Barbara, when I went for a walk with my camera. I haven’t forgotten. I will be posting it sometime at the end of the week.

Kelly said...

Two handsome young men! What blessings!

Willow said...

Both your son and your grandson are so handsome! Oliver is "almost" as cute as Nathan!

Teresa said...

I believe Kelly, and Sara, said what I was going to say. Two very handsome men in your family and the fun and love is so obvious. What a great thing to take the day and be with, Oliver.

Joyce said...

This is my first "visit" to your spot and I loved it and all that you had to have a very GREAT testimony! Great garden photos and family photos are so nice as well....your family seems just wonderful.
I will come back and check in and see what new things are going on.
LOVED your haircut! The short hair is very becoming.....

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Omigosh! I wrote about my grandson this morning, but I had no idea that you'd written about Oliver. I can see that you had a far more successful time than I had! Oliver is so darling...just the sweetest face!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my goodness Barbara, your Oliver is adorable! What a lovely looking family you have.

Betty said...

I'm so glad you had the day with Oliver...he's a cutie pie....grandchildren are such a blessing...

You have a handsome son....I believe he favors Alan.....Betty

Penless Thoughts said...

What a cutie and what a joy grandparenting is. One of my favorites!!! Glad to hear the package made it :o)

Mike said...

I don't know... a sitting down cricket sounds quite relaxing! LOL

Kim S in SC said...

Oh, Barbara! Thank you for sharing the delight on Oliver's face as he batted around with his cricket bat. I am not too familiar with the game, but it looks like your grandson may be following in your son's footsteps with this game! Missed reading you as I've been away! It is fun catching up!

Morning Glory said...

Oliver is absolutely adorable, and I must say, your son is quite handsome, too!

Mob said...

Oliver is a doll. He does have a little angels face.

Crafty Gardener said...

Oliver looks so happy. I bet he will be a great cricket player.

Anonymous said...

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